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Valentine’s Day is often thought of as the most romantic day of the year. While most people associate February 14th with roses and chocolates, some couples view the romantic holiday as their desired wedding date. Getting married on Valentine’s Day is not unheard of, but there are certain factors that might deter a couple from doing so. As you consider setting your wedding date, keep in mind that there are reasons why a Valentine’s Day wedding may not be the best idea.

Overall, there are valid points why some couples should avoid having their weddings on Valentine’s Day; however, if you have considered all the information and still want to get married on Valentine’s Day, you have every right to do so. You should make sure that you and your fiancé are on the same page, no matter your decision. At Windows on the Water, our gorgeous venue set on 86 acres would be the perfect destination for your wedding any day of the year.

Valentine’s Day May Be an Inconvenient Day for Your Wedding Guests

Although a wedding should focus on the happy couple, no wedding is complete without the desired guests with whom the bride and groom want to share their special day. Unfortunately, if the wedding takes place on Valentine’s Day, many people may not be able to attend. To begin, most couples make plans for Valentine’s Day. Whether it is a date night, spa day, or short getaway, couples tend to reconnect with each other and shower each other with romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day. You may be asking your guests to give up their valuable quality time to celebrate you on Valentine’s Day, and some people may opt out of attending your wedding altogether.

In addition to usurping your guests’ plans, having your wedding on February 14th is not convenient when that day falls on a weekday. Many people prefer to attend a wedding on the weekend so they do not have to take off work. Not everyone can afford to give up their paid time off to attend your Valentine’s Day wedding during the week.

Vendors Are Busy Around Valentine’s Day

Whether or not Valentine’s Day falls on the weekend, many wedding-related vendors are busy around the time of the romantic holiday. For example, popular venues may be booked for a Valentine’s Day-specific event. Despite planning ahead, you may not be able to have your dream Valentine’s Day wedding at that venue if the venue hosts the same event every year. 

Additionally, many florists are flooded with orders for Valentine’s Day, thus causing the supply of flowers for your wedding to be dangerously low. The high demand for flowers in February may also cause prices to soar, which is not ideal for your wedding budget.

Similarly, jewelry stores deal with an influx of online orders and shoppers coming into the stores in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. Jewelers may be out of stock of your desired bridesmaids’ gifts or even your dream wedding band. If you find that many stores do not have the supplies or gifts you need due to the Valentine’s Day demand, you should consider having your wedding at a different time of year.

Your Romantic Dream Wedding Awaits at Windows on the Water

In theory, a Valentine’s Day wedding sounds romantic and dreamy. Unfortunately, the reality of that wedding date means settling for low attendance and possibly using a venue that is not your first choice. However, you and your fiancé get to make the final call at the end of the day. If you want a Valentine’s Day wedding, make sure you plan far in advance so that your vendors are prepared for your wedding in addition to the busy season surrounding the holiday. Windows on the Water would be happy to create your dream wedding any day of the year.

At Windows on the Water, we take your wedding aspirations seriously, and we want to work with you whether or not you decide on a Valentine’s Day wedding. You can call (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form to speak with someone on our talented team today.