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Winter weddings can be beautiful and magical, from the decorations to the natural beauty of a winter landscape. Some couples may want to take advantage of the effortlessly beautiful and magical winter backdrop, but they are afraid of the cold. This might be true especially if snow is involved. The cold, however, does not have to kill your winter wonderland dreams. Summer and spring outdoor weddings come with their own risks, but the risks associated with a winter wedding are different. No matter the time of year, your wedding ceremony will be what you make of it.

4 Tips for a Successful Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Spring outdoor weddings need a plan for unexpected showers, summer weddings need a plan for the raging heat, and your winter wedding needs a plan for the cold. The cold will require you to add accommodations for yourself and your guests to stay warm and comfortable. Such accommodations do not necessarily mean that you have to have your wedding indoors. The following are four tips for a successful outdoor winter wedding ceremony:

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

Just as spring weddings must work around tropical storms, winter weddings need to avoid snowstorms or other heavy winter storms. Roads can become hazardous during the winter, and heavy snow can reduce visibility. For your wedding to go off without a hitch, everyone needs to be able to arrive safely.

Inform Your Guests Ahead of Time How Long They Will Be Outside

If the ceremony is going to be outside, you should let your guests know in advance so that they will have time to prepare for the cold. Everyone will know to wear warm attire or layers of clothing while they sit through the ceremony. You want your guests to be prepared to stay warm.

Keep the Ceremony Short and Warm

You should try to keep the outdoor ceremony short, no more than twenty minutes. Assure your guests that they will have a chance to warm up once the ceremony is over. While the ceremony is taking place, hand out warm drinks to your guests. Be ready to provide seat warmers, hand warmers, or even blankets for your guests. If the ceremony is lengthy, consider getting heaters for each row or in between seats.

Have Warmth at the Ready

Whether you have your reception inside or under a full tent, be sure that the location is ready to provide the much-needed warmth your guests might desire. Provide more warm drinks and warm food for your guests. They should be able to relax in a warm environment without worrying about the cold outside any longer.

Plan Your Winter Outdoor Wedding with Windows on the Water

At Windows on the Water, our team of wedding specialists can help you plan the winter wonderland wedding of your dreams. Our venue is the perfect venue for a majestic winter wedding. Our 86-acre property will be adorned with Christmas-like fir trees, weeping willow trees, an elegant gazebo, and a two-tiered waterside patio near a picturesque lake. Windows on the Water has experienced wedding planners who will guide you through every aspect of planning your wedding, including helping you pick from our various customizable wedding packages.

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