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The existence of COVID-19 has altered how many things operate, and the bridal world is no exception. Like many other industries, bridal shops needed to adapt. Even with in-person appointments returning, the number of people allowed in the shops can be quite limited. Future brides may want to consider having a virtual bridal appointment. Not only does the adoption of virtual bridal appointments allow shops to keep booking appointments, regardless of their in-store capacity, but it also provides them with the opportunity to reach brides not located in their city, state, or country.

Virtual appointments will never outdo the experience of an in-store bridal appointment, but virtual appointments do offer brides more choices in today’s circumstances. A virtual appointment may not be traditional, but that does not make it a bad option. There is an amount of accessibility that a virtual appointment provides that an in-person appointment might not offer.

3 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Bridal Appointment

Shopping online can sometimes feel like a risk. Sizing can be different from store to store, and something may not fit the way you think it will. When it comes to your wedding, dress shopping online might feel like a more considerable risk. Your wedding dress is special, and you do not want to gamble with such an important purchase. Shopping online, however, can be highly convenient because you can do it from the comfort of your home. COVID-19 forced bridal shops to turn to the online world and begin offering virtual appointments. Now, brides can speak directly with a consultant before buying a dress online, eliminating many of the uncertainties that often accompany online shopping. The following are three reasons to consider a virtual bridal appointment:

A Virtual Bridal Appointment Offers More Options

To find the perfect dress, a bride sometimes needs to travel. Brides might not have numerous bridal shop options in their area, so they travel outside of their city or state. A bride might even need to travel out of the country in search of that perfect dress. Traveling is expensive, though, and there is already a massive amount of money that goes into planning a wedding. The existence of virtual appointments eliminates the need to travel. Without the option for a virtual bridal appointment, a bride will have to spend money on travel if she wants a dress from a different city, state, or country.

A bride cannot research different styles, fabrics, colors, and much more, and find a bridal shop that meets her desires, without needing to leave her home. Having virtual access to numerous shops can give the bride more dress options. It exposes the bride to alternative wedding dresses she might not have considered without the accessibility of a virtual appointment.

A Virtual Bridal Appointment Offers Accessibility

Not every bride will feel safe or be capable of attending an in-person appointment, even if they are once again available. Some people are still practicing social distancing and avoid going out unnecessarily. The virtual appointment allows any bride anywhere to speak with a consultant and find that dream dress. A bride can remain in the safety of her home and still get the magical experience of saying “yes” to the dress.

There are still limitations with in-person appointments, such as the capacity of people allowed. For a bride, trying on a dress for the wedding can be emotional, and the bride often wants to have certain people with her at that moment. A bride may not be permitted to bring everyone she wants to an in-store appointment, but she can have as many people present as she would like during a virtual appointment.

The virtual space also allows loved ones who are immunocompromised, or unable to leave their homes for other reasons, to participate in a bride’s dress appointment.

A Virtual Bridal Appointment Offers a More Personalized Experience

Bridal appointments tend to last around an hour. A virtual appointment can last nearly two hours long. The time extension accounts for the fact that a bride is not physically present at the store. The consultant walks her around the shop, showcasing all the options. The bride can look through her choices without the distraction of other brides.

After selecting a few dresses, it is time to try them on. Bridal shops may ship the dress or offer a pick-up option. Brides can try on the dresses in the comfort of their home and have their consultant walk them through the styling and fitting. Many bridal shops are also taking advantage of Google Hangouts and other chat options to be available if any questions arise. With the virtual option, your bridal consultant is more accessible than ever.

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