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Getting engaged is a meaningful time in any person’s life. Some people have even been dreaming about their weddings since they were a child. We all know those who have determined precisely what they want before knowing who they will marry. Surprisingly, many people also have expectations about the events surrounding their weddings, including their bridal showers.

Does a bridal shower venue genuinely matter? We sure think so! Finding locations that make the bride-to-be feel special, rejuvenated, and delighted is critical. But how do you ensure the venue you book is outstanding?

Learn the Bride’s Expectations: Take Notes

Checking in with what the bride wants can make or break the bridal party’s entire experience. If she wants a feeling of opulence and luxury, it may be a poor decision to host the bridal shower in a barn. The only exception would be if she has special memories of a specific place, but make that choice with extreme caution.

Following the bride’s desires will help her feel more fulfilled and heard, especially if she has specific tastes. If she wants a particular food, ensure those catering options are available. Also be sure to factor in her wishes about activities, how casual the setting is, and the number of people she wants to include on this momentous occasion.

Make the Day Feel Memorable: Focus on Unique Aspects

If the bride has particular and distinctive interests, feel free to hone in on those ideas to personalize the event further. Does she have a penchant for crystals, idolize a specific cartoon character, or feel gravitated toward unique styles or designs? Especially if you can add these aspects into the venue in an effective way, she can be made to feel exceptionally special.

Feel free to give the venue all the thought you can, and she’ll have affectionate memories of the day. The details matter to her, from the molding on the building walls to the hospitality of the venue staff. Not only will this help her feel prioritized and special on the event day, but she can fondly add some of the detail to the stories she’ll tell in the future.

This doesn’t only apply to the venue, as the event’s themes should be just as meaningful. Any activities should be hand-selected for the bride-to-be, as well as music, decor, and forms of entertainment. Whether the venue offers a lakeside view or specializes in wine pairings, aim for the qualities she’ll adore most.

Let the Bride-To-Be Relax: Show Her That Mental Health Matters

Whether it’s a trip to the spa, a day on the lake, or playing exciting games with a few friends at home, the bride should never feel stressed during the bridal shower. Any signs of negative overwhelm coming from her can mean the event fell short of her expectations or she isn’t enjoying herself.

The most important aspect of the bridal shower is making the bride feel comfortable and at ease with the help of her favorite friends and loved ones. This doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will automatically get pedicures and facials, especially if that’s not her cup of tea. But it does mean her enjoyment has been taken into account.

When selecting a venue, ensure it doesn’t distract from her ability to feel connected to her guests. Let everything go at her preferred speed and allow the event to be what she wants it to be.

Make the Bride Feel Loved With Windows on the Water in New Jersey

Planning the perfect event can be simple, particularly when you trust Windows on the Water to host your special occasions. We’re the best place to visit if you’re searching for natural beauty for your bridal shower, wedding, or other gatherings.

Our buildings and outdoor locations are perfect for those who want to use our location as a romantic or rustic backdrop. You can also try out our divine cuisine and gain access to our abundance of space to accommodate any party.

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