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Most couples choose to have their weddings in the summer, and for good reason—days are long, and temperatures allow for whimsical outdoor receptions. While summer has many advantages for hosting a wedding, the one problem all couples run into is ensuring guests don’t overheat. Managing the heat at your tent reception will guarantee a good time for your guests. 


So, what’s the best way to keep an outdoor tent cool for a wedding? Fans! Using fans in a wedding tent is a great option for keeping everyone cool and comfortable. There are many types of commercial fans available to choose from; each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. The type of fan you choose depends on your personal preference and the infrastructure at your event. Here are some different fans to use at your outdoor wedding. 

White Tent Fans

One advantage of white tent fans is that due to their white color, they blend in nicely with the background of most wedding tents. These fans come in multiple sizes and have speed settings. If you’re having an intimate reception in a small tent, you can choose fans that won’t take up a lot of space. Additionally, the speed settings allow you to adjust airflow depending on the temperature. Another great feature of white tent fans is that they can be attached to tent’s side poles to maximize air circulation. 

Drum Fans

Drum fans are large, industrial-sized fans. These fans are big and loud, and the large blades can pose a threat to guests who are not paying attention. Drum fans are most ideal for weddings that take place in extremely hot settings because they provide a high amount of airflow. For weddings that take place in average temperatures, these fans are probably not the best option, as the airflow can be overpowering if it’s not hot outside. One drawback of drum fans is that they only come in darker colors and stand out in a white wedding tent. 

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the clear best option for outdoor weddings, but they come at a high price. The positioning on the ceiling allows for maximum airflow, and best of all, they aren’t noticeable and won’t distract from your wedding decor. However, not all wedding tents are able to hold ceiling fans, so if this is the direction you’re looking to go, you should check with your tent provider to see if their tents support ceiling fans. 

Best Places to Position Fans in Your Wedding Tent

After you choose the fans you are going to use at your wedding, you must strategically place them around the tent for maximum airflow. Here are some suggestions for positioning fans: 

  • Place fans around the dance floor. The dance floor is the place where guests are moving the most and are most likely to overheat. 
  • Place fans as high as possible by attaching them to your tent poles. Fans lower to the ground can get blocked by tables or knocked over by your guests. Additionally, positioning fans high off the ground will allow for maximum airflow. 
  • Place fans around the perimeter of your tent to allow for cool air to be blown into the tent. 

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