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Weddings are the ultimate opportunity to showcase the styles and personalities of you and your partner, both as a couple and individually. A wedding speaks volumes about who you are as a couple and the life you want to build together. What better way to start your new life together than by giving back? Your wedding can help support the causes you are passionate about and help contribute to their work.

5 Ways to Support a Cause on Your Wedding Day

Weddings usually involve buying physical gifts for the couple. Now more than ever, some couples are re-thinking their weddings and have decided to give as much as they get. The following are five ways to support a cause on your wedding day:

Use Your Wedding Registry to Support a Cause

Your registry does not have to include the usual lineup of household items. Instead, you can use your wedding registry as a fundraiser page. Rather than linking your guests to an Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond website, you can link to a charitable organization or foundation.

If you want to have a traditional registry, you can still support a good cause. Focus on local shops that support the community or small BIPOC businesses. By localizing where you shop, you can ensure that the money spent on the registry supports businesses that need it.

Buy from Local Vendors

Rather than getting your catering from a larger company, your wedding is a perfect time to support local businesses. You can purchase or rent your decorations, plates, and silverware from local shops that would be more than happy to be part of your special day. Opt for eco-friendly products that give back to the environment and community. Where you put your money says a lot about your values. Highlight your love for people by using your wedding as a chance to support local businesses.

Make Your Venue a Non-Profit One

An easy way to incorporate a good cause into your wedding day is by selecting a venue that does good work. Choose a venue that has a legacy of supporting causes that are important to you. Consider buildings that are known for their activism and history.

Donate What You Can after the Wedding

An excellent way to support a cause is to donate. Weddings tend to have a lot of leftover food, and donating it ensures that it will not go to waste. The food, however, is not the only thing you can donate from your wedding.

It is common to have flowers at a wedding, and many people simply throw them out after the celebration ends. Many shelters and charities, however, would be thrilled to have flowers donated. Some organizations and florists work with hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities that would love to have your flowers to cheer up their patients.

Many women’s shelters would be thrilled to have your wedding dress, reception dress, and bridesmaid dresses donated to them. Women at the shelter probably do not have access to the kinds of dresses you have bought for your wedding. Donating the dresses gives another woman the opportunity to feel beautiful in a dress to which she might not have had access. Suits are always helpful in shelters because most of the men do not have access to suits when job hunting. Instead of hanging your wedding wardrobe in a closet to take up space, donate it to a shelter and help make someone’s day.

Make Your Pre- and Post-wedding Events Volunteering Opportunities

Donating your time is just as helpful to organizations as the items you donate. Bring together your entourage and volunteer, rather than having a wild night out for your bachelorette and bachelor parties. You can still have two different parties. That way, you and your partner get to volunteer for different causes. They could volunteer at an animal shelter, and you could volunteer at a food pantry. Whichever organization you choose, you are sure to make a lasting impact on the community and lasting memories between you and your loved ones.

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