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Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and there’s so much planning that goes into making that day extra special. One of the most significant tasks is writing your wedding vows — a task that some brides and grooms tend to struggle with. These are the words that are supposed to come straight from your heart, that tell everyone attending the ceremony that this is why you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life together. Clearly, it can seem intimidating to settle on exactly what you want to say.

Relax — there are proven ways to write your wedding vows in a way that will capture your strongest feelings about the person you’re walking down the aisle with. 

How Can I Start Writing My Wedding Vows?

Taking some extra time to shake off your writer’s block and create a truly memorable wedding vow may sound difficult, but it will be worth it on your wedding day. Although not everyone considers themselves a writer, the prevalence of social media has helped most of us feel more comfortable expressing ourselves to large groups of friends and acquaintances. You can think about your wedding vows as a heartfelt post dedicated to your fiancé(e).

When drafting your vows, here are some tips for putting your feelings into words and expressing them with the right sentiment to a crowd of loved ones.

Find Inspiration from Others

It’s common to find people who post their wedding vows online, so take a moment to read some of them — not necessarily to imitate what they’ve written, but rather to get a sense of what approach you like the most. Deciding what kind of vow you enjoyed reading or felt you most related to can become a good starting point for your own vows. Let others who have gotten married provide some insight, inspiration, and motivation for crafting your own vows.

Discuss it With Your Spouse

Another good starting point: work with your significant other to decide how to approach your vows. It may turn out that you’re both on the same page and are thinking alike — or it may be that one of you has some creative ideas to share. Once you both know what kind of vows you want, that’s going to give you a better sense of how to approach everything from the format to tone to the length of the vows.

Take Notes About Your Relationship

Sit down and think about your relationship. That can include:

  • How your first met
  • What first attracted you about your partner
  • What’s made your relationship special
  • How you two have grown in the relationship

Think about the most memorable moments, and jot them down. These are ideal concepts behind your wedding vows — capturing exactly what brought you to this moment at your ceremony. No one else can ever claim title to the moments that were special between the two of you.

Think About the Vows

Finally, it’s important to remember that these are your vows. What specific promises do you want to make to your partner at the ceremony? While certainly it’s traditional for a bride or groom to promise to always love, honor and cherish their spouse, these are your own special vows — so make them unique. What means a lot to your partner in your relationship? Is there something you can promise that has a very special meaning just to the two of you?

Once you’ve done all of these things, chances are that the fundamental task of writing your vows will become easier.

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