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Let’s get right to it, creating a budget for your wedding can be scary for those who may not typically deal with finances in their relationship. This is a great exercise to get ready for those future decisions you’ll be making alongside your new spouse very soon. The first is to define what kind of experience you’re after. 50 guests versus 250 guests varies significantly in the costs. Creating custom designs or splurging on specific items will also start adding up. Laying out the experience you’re after and understanding the reality of costs will help define your total budget.

You may also want to have an open conversation with you and your spouse’s parents to see how they may contribute to the wedding budget. In more recent years, parents are contributing about half the costs of weddings. Over 80% of couples set a rough budget before researching any vendors, according to Wedding Wire’s 2020 Newlywed Report. In the same vein, couples are also going over their initial budget, so as you’re putting down a target price, make sure you have an absolute MUST NOT go over price. Here are a few line items to think about so you can understand your wedding budget even further.

What Are Your Must-Have Wedding Needs?

Deciding on those little custom-wrapped invitations may seem like a necessity, but when you start to implement customization across your wedding, you can start to spike that budget pretty quickly. At the very beginning, it’s recommended to make a list of the necessities with your future spouse and talk through must haves and things you’d like to have. This can be one of the most difficult steps because you really want everything! But, if you can get away with fewer flower arrangements so you can afford a better honeymoon, then there’s the compromise.

How Your Wedding Date Affects Pricing

What do you mean I have to get married on a Monday? When couples start to consider their wedding date and tie it to costs, you may want to reconsider that little dream of a 11/11/21 wedding. Choosing peak times like Friday evenings and weekend afternoons tend to incur higher venue and vendor costs. Off-season dates and times can lead to significant price breaks. With some couples moving to longer celebrations, sometimes it might make sense to choose a less desirable day or time of year. If your budget allows for it, then planning ahead for your dream date is the best way to secure it immediately. 

Researching Your Wedding Vendors

Local wedding vendors are happy to work with you and certainly know what it’s like working with a wide range of budgets. When you work alongside your outdoor wedding venue, you can inquire about special packaging by working with preferred vendors. Most venues have friendly vendors who can get creative with your budget. You can also inquire with your venue about how to include line items like rentals in their venue fee. Asking your venue about new vendors who are giving discounts to help drive new business is also a great way to lower expenses. 

Wedding Costs You Might Have Forgotten

You know you need a dress, but what if you want to arrive in a limo bus with your wedding party? This kind of cost can drastically add a couple thousand dollars, and might not be as affordable as you anticipated. Here are some favorite add-on services that you may want but just didn’t think about.

  • Wedding gifts for your spouse and your wedding party
  • Transportation to and from the wedding
  • Extra lighting (disco balls, spot lights, ceremony lighting)
  • Multiple entertainment options (DJ and a band, or just a DJ)
  • Videographer, separate from your wedding photographer

When considering all aspects of your wedding, start with a list of the must-haves and find out if there’s any room left in the budget for the little extras that would make your special day absolutely perfect. At Windows on the Water, we host luxurious outdoor weddings that can fit any budget. 

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