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Beach weddings are all the rage. There is truly something magical about getting married right next to the sea. However, what’s the next best thing to getting married onshore? Instead of getting married next to the water, couples can get married on the water. Whether this is the ocean or a lake, getting married on the water depends on the couple. Weddings on the water can come in all sizes, styles, and budgets, and each will have its own unique elements to consider. 

Helpful Tips for Planning a Wedding on the Water

Regardless of the choice of venue, planning a wedding takes hard work and a lot of organization. While planning a wedding on the water isn’t necessarily harder, it does involve unique considerations specific to the circumstances. 

Date and Time 

Whether you’re planning a sunset ceremony or exchanging vows earlier in the day, finding out what the weather will be that day and when sunset is are vital to choosing the right wedding date. It’s essential to research the area and the typical weather that occurs during the days you are planning to pick a date. 

Creating a Wedding Day Backup Plan 

No matter how much time is spent or how much research is done, planning a wedding is usually done months or even years in advance, and the weather is not that predictable. Furthermore, life is often unpredictable, and many things can change from the beginning of planning to the actual day of the wedding. While the hope is that everything goes according to plan, plans rarely turn out precisely the way we thought they would. When planning a wedding on the water, having backup plans is essential because many factors are outside an individual’s control. 

Guest Experience on the Water

Not all guests may be thrilled about a wedding on the water. Some may have mild discomfort, and others may have an understandable fear of being on the water, especially if they don’t know how to swim. Guest experience is always vital to wedding planning, but there have to be extra considerations for weddings on the water. A good way to help your guests feel comfortable is ensuring that they feel safe on the boat or whatever venue you plan to use. This can involve having lifeguards on duty or providing them with other safety measures. Another excellent way to keep morale high is handing out goodie bags with fun treats and usable gifts such as sunscreen or a fun towel. 

Wedding on the Water Fashion

The sun and wind on the water are major elements that have a significant impact on a wedding day. Unlike with an indoor venue, it’s important to have the proper attire that won’t make you or guests feel uncomfortable under the weather conditions. Wearing sunscreen may seem like a minor thing to check off the list, but sunburn can ruin anyone’s big day. 

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