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For some couples, Halloween is more than just one day. Fall is the perfect time for Halloween lovers to combine their love for Halloween with one of the most important days of their lives. The great thing about a theme is that it helps with future decisions. Choosing a Halloween theme for your wedding does not mean you have to be limited to orange and black or even traditional Halloween decor. Like with any theme, you can take the Halloween theme and make it your own.

Set the Tone for Your Halloween Wedding

Notoriously known for its dark and moody tones, Halloween has more color schemes to offer than just black and orange. Gold, burgundy, crimson, and other hues of these colors are also great options. You can narrow the Halloween colors down to something more uniquely yours. You also have the option of an all-black theme, or you can work with hues of gray. White and gray hues evoke a sense of gothic etherealness. By choosing a specific color scheme, you create a specific direction for your Halloween theme.

Pay Attention to the Details of Your Halloween Wedding

Once you have selected your color scheme and narrowed down your theme, you can start planning the separate components of your wedding. Here are four tips for planning a Halloween wedding:

Find a Spooky Venue to Match Your Spooky Theme

A gothic cathedral or gothic-style building would be great options for any Halloween theme ideas you might have. For those who love a bit of a scare, having your wedding at an allegedly haunted site is the perfect option. A haunted venue offers the elegance of an old site, blended with the magic of a ghost story.

Be Creative with Your Spooky Invitations

If you have decided on a specific theme, color scheme, or costumes for your wedding day, make sure to make it clear on your wedding invitation. Having a Halloween-themed wedding is fun, and you should have just as much fun with the details. Make your invitations look like gravestones or an old-fashioned scroll. Moody florals, gold foil calligraphy, and ghost silhouettes are just a few designs that scream spooky season.

Have Spooky Cake for Your Spooky Wedding

A wedding cake is a centerpiece of the wedding celebration. Your cake can speak volumes and highlight your favorite elements of a Halloween theme. Your cake can be a more traditional Halloween cake with ghosts and zombies, or it can be more subtle. Instead of obvious Halloween decor, you can play with color and design. Matching your cake with your overall color palette and theme is a great way to bring it all together.

Your Wedding Outfits Should Scream Spooky Season

You do not have to wear a black or darker toned dress to follow your spooky theme. Your veil or other accessories can highlight your Halloween theme if you stick to the traditional white dress. You and your partner should not be the only ones dressed for the occasion. Have your guests join in on the fun by letting them know what to wear. Whether specific colors, costumes, or spooky formal wear, give your guests clear instructions on what to wear, and they will look great at your spooky venue.

Plan Your Wedding at Windows on the Water’s Outdoor Wedding Venue in Central New Jersey

Whether you are having a spooky wedding or a non-spooky wedding, Windows on the Water would be thrilled to help you plan your big day at our eighty-six acre lakeside landscape. Our experienced wedding professionals can help you through every step of planning a wedding. They know how to create the wedding of your dreams, even your spooky dreams. We offer open-air and tented ceremonies along with a variety of customizable wedding packages to best fit your needs.

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