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If your wedding plans were derailed by the coronavirus, you’re not alone. Couples all over the world were impacted by the pandemic, with many electing to tie the knot virtually or delaying their ceremony altogether.

If you have managed to keep your original date and still plan on having your ceremony with a small group of loved ones, here are some tips on how you can plan a perfect wedding during COVID-19 while keeping you and your guests safe.

Reduce the Guest List

While we all wish that all of our friends could be with us on our big day, it’s important to acknowledge the reality of our current health climate and plan accordingly. It can be hard to plan a micro wedding if you have a large extended family or a wide array of friends, but it is vital that you reduce the number of attendees for your wedding if you want to ensure the safety of your guests. Bear in mind any state mandates limiting social gatherings.

Consider adding an option for distant loved ones to attend the festivities remotely via webcam or video chat, or look into the latest trend of live-streaming your wedding to see if it’s right for you. This gives your friends and family the opportunity to comply with safety regulations and still participate in the celebration of your love. Additionally, keeping a smaller guest list will create an air of intimacy for the evening, making it all the more memorable for those who attend.

Plan for Safety

Tent weddings provide a great opportunity for open-air fun, but they are also safer for preventing the spread of the virus. Given that the CDC encourages outdoor gathering as opposed to events that take place inside, your tent is a great destination for complying with local regulations and creating beautiful lifelong memories.

Other safety precautions include having hand sanitizer readily available for guests and encouraging your loved ones to wear masks when they aren’t eating or drinking. You can even find personalized small bottles of hand sanitizer and custom masks, providing them to your guests as a wedding favor.

Catering Creatively

While buffet-style dining is often the go-to choice for most couples, serving individual portions is safer during a pandemic. Work with your wedding planner or catering vendor to find out what kind of choices are available for your reception.

Seating is important to consider, as well, since many micro tents don’t allow guests to maintain six feet of space from one another. Two or three small tables for the reception will give attendees the ability to space out while they eat and might work better for you than a long farm-style arrangement. Ask your venue about the different table options they provide and find one that works best for you.

Shorten the Festivities

While many weddings can take place over the course of four to six hours, it is a good idea to limit the length of contact for your guests during a pandemic because ensuring the safety of your loved ones is much more important than an all-day event. Some couples are opting for a ten-to-thirty minute ceremony, which includes the exchanging of vows, followed by a reception that lasts for one to two hours.

If you choose to go with a smaller timeline for your event, make sure to carefully schedule time with the photographer so that you can capture your special day from start to finish. Though this might not be ideal for some couples, remember that a shorter party can be much more intimate and magical than a long and exhausting evening of celebrating into the night.

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