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New Year’s Eve is an exciting time to get married, and there are many ways to make your wedding unforgettable. Even so, planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. It is also a time-consuming process that can take over your every waking hour if you let it.

When preparing for your big day, you will undoubtedly spend most of your time finding the right venue and booking all your vendors. Most locations are fully booked well in advance at this time of the year, so you’ll need to be extra organized to secure the one you want, but Windows on the Water can help. Here are some tips that can help you plan your New Year’s Eve wedding.

How to Plan a Memorable New Year’s Eve Wedding

New Year’s Eve is a special time filled with new hopes and adventures, and there’s no better time to start your journey with your partner. A few things to remember while you’re planning your wedding include: 

Set a Budget and Stick to It

The average cost of a wedding in the US is now over $28,000. The fact that you will have yours on New Year’s Eve might make it even more expensive. If you’re not careful, the cost of your wedding can quickly spiral out of control. Setting a budget early on and sticking to it can greatly help your stress levels during the planning process. 

Start Your Venue Search Early

Your wedding venue is the big elephant in the room, as many people hold parties and events to mark the New Year. As a result, there is tremendous competition for the best places. You do not want to get caught up in this last-minute scramble. The price of venues also goes up during this time of the year, which is something to take note of. 

Book Your Vendors in Advance

Like venues, vendors are also in great demand during New Year’s Eve. The leading DJs, caterers, and photographers are usually booked solid months in advance. If your heart is set on a particular vendor, it is recommendable to book early for your peace of mind. The last-minute rush could mean paying more for supplies such as food and drinks, or settling for lower-quality vendors. 

Prepare Your Guest List and Send Out Invitations

Traveling around New Year’s Eve is usually hectic and expensive. If your guests receive your wedding invitation late, they might be unable to attend. Work on your guest list as soon as you have booked the venue.

The objective is to have the list ready in a few months and give your guests ample time to make travel plans and clear their schedules. Once your guests confirm attendance early, you will know how many people to expect. This simplifies the booking of other vendors, such as caterers.

Draw Up Your Menu

New Year’s Eve is a time for festivities. Put together a menu that will tantalize their taste buds and leave them wanting more. You can either prepare the food yourself or hire a caterer. If you are hiring a caterer, make sure they know of any dietary restrictions your guests might have.

Taste the food before the big day to ensure it meets your expectations. After that, update your caterers about the number of guests you anticipate. The last thing you want is to run out of food on your wedding day.

For a successful New Year’s Eve wedding that your guests will remember for years to come, keep all of these tips in mind, but most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. After all, this is supposed to be one of the best nights of your life!

Windows On the Water Can Help With Your New Year’s Eve Wedding

For a picture-perfect location to host your wedding, look no further than Windows on the Water. Located in the heart of New Jersey, we offer stunning views of the water and skyline, making it an ideal setting for your big day.

Our experienced team will work tirelessly to ensure your wedding is a success, and we look forward to helping you create lasting memories. To get more information or book Windows on Water as your wedding venue, reach out to us today or call us at (609) 208-9475.