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Planning your wedding involves making huge decisions to ensure it meets your expectations. Among them is whether you want to have a child-free wedding. Your wedding is your big day, and you’re free to do whatever makes you happy. However, not having kids at a wedding is controversial and can be touchy for some. Therefore, it’s crucial to find the right way to share the message with your guests without creating awkward situations or making them feel attacked.

It can be challenging to politely express your wishes without facing pushback from parents. That’s why wedding experts at Windows on the Water are here to show you how to say no to children politely yet firmly. Keep reading for our tips on hosting a child-free wedding that your guests will love.

Determine Any Exceptions Upfront

When hosting a child-free wedding, you’ll have to decide whether there will be any exceptions before sending invitations. You may allow children to attend the wedding ceremony, but have an adult-only reception. In some cases, you may allow nursing mothers to bring their newborn babies.

You’ll also have to determine whether the child-free policy applies to older kids. It’s your special day, so the decision on how the child-free policy depends on your preferences. After being clear on how you’ll proceed, hold your ground and reinforce that children will not be allowed.

Be Clear Right Away

When planning a kids-free wedding, the best approach is to be upfront. This will give the parents time to make alternative arrangements for their children or book their childcare in advance. Your guests are more likely to receive the news well when you set the expectations early.

Therefore, remember to mention that you’re having a child-free wedding in the save the dates and wedding invitations. You can simply write “Adults Only” somewhere in the invitation.

Choose Your Wording Carefully

Since hosting a child-free wedding can be a delicate topic, be mindful of your choice of words. You’ll want your message to be clear and to the point, while still being considerate and respectful. Rather than hitting your guests with a blunt “No Kids Allowed,” opt for a simple sentence that can effectively convey your message. You can say, “although we love your little ones, please note our wedding is an adults only event.” You don’t have to go into much detail, but avoid words that may be negatively received.

Expect Pushback from Some Parents

While some parents will love the idea of not having their kids around, expect to get pushback from some. If a guest reiterates and insists on bringing their children, it’s essential to be firm but compassionate. Remember that it’s your wedding, and you don’t have to accommodate kids if you don’t want to.

Therefore, you can choose to explain the reasons behind your decision or simply remind them of your adults only policy. Balance staying true to your feelings and understanding your guests’ difficult situations to ensure your wishes are respected.

Share Childcare Resources

When planning a child-free wedding, be mindful of the parents on your guest list. They may have difficulty finding reliable childcare, especially if you’re hosting a venue wedding. Therefore, you can try to make the experience easier for them by sharing resources such as babysitting and childcare services.

You can ask hotels around your wedding venue if they offer services for the kids. Alternatively, you can ask your wedding planner about local trusted child care recommendations. If it’s within your capacity, you can hire trusted babysitters for the duration of the event. Your guests will appreciate the extra mile you went to have them involved in your wedding ceremony.

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Weddings are becoming more and more personalized. It is a personal celebration and should generally be about you and your partner. Everything from the walk down the aisle to the first dance as a married couple should be precisely how you imagined your dream wedding. Therefore, hosting a child-free wedding shouldn’t be something to feel guilty about. Effectively communicate with your guests and inform them of the adult-only policy while showing empathy and understanding.

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