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Many couples stress over how much money they should spend on their wedding. From centerpieces to veils and everything in between, it can be a challenge to plan the wedding of your dreams without going over budget. So how can you have the big day you’ve always wanted while avoiding the big price tag?

Luckily, there are many ways you can plan your outdoor tent wedding and remain in your price range. More than ever, couples are looking for ways to tighten their belts and still make the most of their special day. Take a look at some of the ideas listed below on how to make beautiful memories and still have some funds left over for the honeymoon.

Stick to Your Budget and Plan

Wedding planning is not easy, and there are many factors to consider when creating your perfect day. It is easy to go overboard with spending, especially when justifying it as a necessary component of creating your perfect wedding. One of the best ways to stick to your budget is to enlist the help of your future spouse.

By bringing your partner into the process, you will both have a say in where the money goes and how much of it is being spent. Brides often take on a lot of responsibility when it comes to planning the wedding, as some grooms prefer to avoid the task altogether. However, creating a budget together can give you both an opportunity to learn more about what you each envision for your upcoming wedding.

As you create your budget, ask yourself and your future spouse, “which of these items can we not have our wedding without?” There will be certain staples that should be factored into the cost of the day, such as the price of your tent rental and the cost of your cake, but ask yourself if there is anything that you can eliminate from your budget entirely. Do you need those customized monogram napkins? Probably not.

Eliminate Additional Spending

There are a lot of ways to cut costs when it comes to planning your wedding, but there are some aspects that you will want to invest an appropriate amount of money toward, such as tent rental or even a videographer. Once you and your partner identify where you want to focus your budget, it will be easier to discover ways that you can save some funds.

One option is to incorporate smaller, more intimate wedding favors. Instead of opting for expensive gift bags, consider handing out something handmade to your guests. Creating favors for your attendees is a great way to both save yourself some money and bring a touch of personalization to the whole affair. Gifts such as homemade spices, candles, and jam are sure to be cherished by your guests long after your wedding has finished.

You can also stick to your budget by reducing the number of options available for your patrons at the bar. Creating a signature cocktail to commemorate the evening is a fun and creative way to go, but it does limit drink choices significantly for those who don’t consume hard alcohol. You might also choose to go with beer and wine instead, but you will want to consider having two varieties of each to select from (e.g., red and white wine, light and regular beer).

Research Local Wedding Vendors

Now that you know how you want to spend your budget, it’s time to figure out where you’ll be putting it. As an example, if you are already planning on having pink roses as part of your decor, start looking into different florists nearby to determine what kind of arrangements they offer. Talking to local vendors and researching your options can give you a much better idea of how to allocate your budget.

For tent weddings, you will also need to communicate with the venue team to determine which size will be best for you. Be sure to allocate room for a dance floor, the bar, a gift table, and guest seating. When you plan out the aspects of your budget that are necessary, such as the venue, you will be able to get a much clearer picture of how to save along the way.

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