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Thoughtful details can make all the difference when it comes to planning a wedding, like accommodating the dietary needs of your loved ones. Enjoying great food is one of the highlights of any celebration, but it’s often harder for those with food allergies, intolerances, or specific preferences to partake in this aspect of the experience.   

Couples are increasingly thinking ahead about how to make sure their guests can revel in the festivities without having to worry or go hungry. Inclusive food options let everyone join in the fun without feeling left out or uncomfortable, and can also make your celebration even more memorable. While this gesture does require a little preparation, it doesn’t have to be difficult, and Windows on the Water is here to guide you through how to handle various food allergies.    

Ask Your Guests About Their Dietary Restrictions in Advance

Being able to prepare for food allergies or other restrictions is half the battle when it comes to prioritizing the well-being of your wedding guests. The easiest way to collect this information is to include a section on your RSVP card or digital invitation asking about food allergies or dietary preferences, like nuts, gluten, dairy, etc. 

For close family members or friends, a quick phone call or text can help clarify any concerns, especially if you know someone has severe allergies or complicated food requirements. This simple act of reaching out can be reassuring for guests who might feel anxious about their dietary needs.    

Work Closely With Your Caterer to Make Any Necessary Accommodations

Allergies and food preferences are extremely common these days, especially at larger events. A skilled caterer should be able to create delicious meals for many different needs, from gluten-free and vegan options to tailoring dishes for specific allergies. That means open communication with your caterer is key, preferably as early in the process as possible. Lean on their expertise to help you plan a menu that caters to your loved ones without having to compromise on taste.

Dealing with serious allergies does require having a more in-depth conversation with your caterer to ensure the health and safety of your guests. For example, even if a dish doesn’t contain nuts, there’s still the potential risk of cross-contamination if it was prepared around nuts.      

Provide Detailed Information About All Wedding-Day Meals

Most couples today have a wedding website to keep guests updated on important details leading up to the event. This is the perfect platform to post a full menu with ingredients, including marinades and sauces. Guests with dietary restrictions will appreciate being able to review their meal options in advance, allowing them to feel more at ease about enjoying the food at your wedding.  

If you’ve chosen a buffet-style serving method for your reception, some of the best practices for handling buffets and food stations are: 

  • Clear, detailed signs: Make sure each dish has a sign indicating the name of the dish and primary ingredients, especially common allergens like nuts, dairy, gluten, and shellfish.
  • Highlight vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free options: If you have several guests with a specific dietary preference, cluster their options together and make them easy to identify.

Also, ensure that the staff is well-informed. If a guest has a question about a dish’s ingredients or needs help finding something suitable for their dietary restrictions, employees overseeing the buffet or food stations should be able to answer confidently.

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