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A wedding website is not just about announcing the wedding date. It is about answering any questions your guests may have. To save you from answering one question at a time, a wedding website will allow you to address all your guests and provide them with the answers they seek. This site will contain all the details of the wedding that your guests need to know, from the wedding date to pre-wedding activities. You want to make sure that your wedding website contains all the necessary information.

6 Items to List on Your Wedding Website

The purpose of a wedding website is not just to announce your wedding. Its primary purpose is to inform your guests. The site should cover the basic information and details your guests will need to know in order to be a part of your big day. The following is a list of six items to put on your website that are guaranteed to answer questions your guest might have:

Your Wedding Day Details

Your guests need to know the date and location of your wedding. This information will be a focal point of your site. If travel is involved, provide guests with directions, possible accommodation details, arrival dates, and departure dates. Make sure you answer any questions your guests may have about when and where to arrive, thus ensuring everyone is present and prepared for the big day.

Your Registry Details

Have a website section dedicated to your registry, whether you have a traditional registry or a charitable one. By adding your registry link, your guests will have easy access to it. If you are asking for donations for a cause, you can include the story behind this decision on your site.

Introduce Your Wedding Party

Introducing your wedding party to your guests can be helpful, as not everyone you invite will know one another. Introducing your wedding party on the website will help your guests know who to contact if they have questions not addressed on the site. This section is also a great way to highlight and thank your wedding party for supporting you on your wedding day and throughout the whole process.

Have a Timeline of Events

Make a section on your site to write down the event timeline for the wedding day. You help your guests know what to expect when you list the order and time of specific ceremony moments. A wedding can encompass more than just the wedding day. Many couples have dinners and other events to celebrate before the big day. If you intend to have other events, your site is excellent for writing down all the details. List the date, times, and locations of these other events to help your guests stay informed and prepared.

Explain the Dress Code or Formality of the Wedding

There are a lot of different style options for a wedding. To help your guests know what to wear, tell them. Even if you do not have a specific dress code, it is helpful to inform your guests about the formality level. Will the wedding be so formal to the point that your guests will need suits and gowns? Will the wedding be more casual, allowing guests to wear jeans and sundresses? Let your guests know what you expect in terms of attire so that no one sticks out like a sore thumb in the wedding photos.

Tell Them Your Love Story

Not all your guests will know the story of how you and your significant other met and fell in love. Your website is the place to write down your love story. The guests get to read all about the love that brought you two together, making the wedding day all the more memorable and magical for them and you.

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