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One of the most enjoyable aspects of your wedding is making everything look spectacular inside the wedding hall. One thing any couple is highly anticipating is seeing their family and guests walk in and be wowed by the gorgeous table settings and decor awaiting them inside. 

Here, we’re going to focus on how to create a truly beautiful wedding tablescape, to put some love and affection into what you’re creating as the place where guests will be seated for their dinner. After all, how many amazing photos of your tablescape are going to end up on Instagram? Let’s explore some creative ideas for how to put together that eye-popping tablescape, from silverware to floral arrangements to glasses.

How Can I Create a Stunning Wedding Tablescape?

Before you start planning for the dining tables at your wedding, think about what you like at a dinner party. Who doesn’t enjoy going to a friend’s dinner party and being impressed by the fancy glassware? How about the time they spend on a beautiful set of flowers as decorations? Or maybe having dinner by candlelight?

If you know what it is that impresses you at someone else’s party, you’re going to be in a better position to know what you’re going to want. The dining tables will be where your guests gather and celebrate, so every small detail — from the catering to the silverware — will make an impression about how much passion went into planning your wedding. Here are some creative tips to help get you going.

Flowers as a Setting

If you have a favorite florist, check with them to see what kind of wedding flowers they would recommend for a tablescape. There will likely be seasonal varieties to pick from, and your florist can give you a sense of which ones match the theme of your wedding. Then think about the best look for your floral arrangement on or around the tables. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to flowers. Foliage is another option, and so are baskets of fruit or something specific like berries.  

Candlelit Dinner

Is there anything more romantic than dinner by candlelight? A wedding, of course, is the ultimate romantic event. Candles are a gorgeous wedding tablescape option, one that’s visually appealing and helps create the right ambiance. You can also check out antique shops and see what kind of unique, old-fashioned candle holders they have for you to use.

Choose Great Linen

Your table linens can definitely help make an impression as well. It’s probably best to try for floor length linens that fully cover the table, and select something in a neutral color — white, cream, or light blue, for example. 

Plates and Silverware

Consider having both a salad plate and a separate dinner plate for your guests. When it comes to the colors, think about what complements the table linen. For the silverware, remember that the fork always goes on the left while the knife and spoon should be on the right. 


You have some fun options for your glassware, and frankly there’s no limit to how many glasses you choose. You can have one for water, another for wine, and a third one for a champagne toast. You can also add in a fourth cup for serving coffee or tea later on. Whether you want to use colored glasses, clear ones, goblets, or a mix is entirely up to you, depending on what follows the theme of your wedding.

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