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Brides often make the decision to take their spouse’s last name after tying the knot. It’s a tradition that’s been in place for a century or more. If you’re planning to get married soon, it may be smart to figure out the fundamentals of updating your surname now so you don’t have to worry about it later, when you’re starting your new life and have more important things to be thinking about.  

Changing Your Name Online

Don’t assume that being equipped with a marriage license with your new last name means the change is now official. There’s a lot more you need to do at this point.

If you want to simplify the process of updating your last name after your wedding, try utilizing Hitchswitch Name Change. This website is designed to help prevent couples from having to wait in long lines at multiple government offices, only to find out they completed an outdated name change form. Hitchswitch is a website where a bride can quickly and easily change her name after their big day.

Using Traditional Name-Changing Methods

It’s fine if you’d prefer more traditional methods of updating your surname. It’s critical to begin by acquiring your marriage license. Your union won’t be official until you get it. Couples typically receive these licenses in the mail shortly after getting hitched. 

Update Your Social Security Card

It’s a wise idea to get a brand new Social Security card. Log on to the site for the Social Security Administration, then complete an application for a new card that reflects your name change. While you’ll maintain your existing Social Security number, you’ll have your updated last name on your card and in the government’s system. Send this application to the nearest branch of the Social Security Administration. 

Change Your License at Your Local DMV 

Heading to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can also be beneficial. You can get a new license with your new last name. It’s important to show up well prepared. Make sure you have every form of identification that your DMV requires for a change of license. That’s likely to include your current license, your marriage certification, and your new Social Security card.  

Letting Your Banks Know

Switching out your existing bank accounts is also important. It’s crucial for people who plan to establish mutual bank accounts with their spouses. Make a point of asking for updated credit cards, debit cards and checks with your new name on each one. Don’t be surprised if you have to cover some charges associated with getting new cards. There are sometimes fees associated with obtaining a new debit card. 

Having your last name changed isn’t difficult once you know how it’s done. The more important issue, of course, is ensuring that you have a truly wonderful and memorable wedding day. And a key part of that is finding the right venue — that special place that gives you the opportunity to create an enchanting wedding day. 

Central New Jersey Wedding Planners Can Help

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