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Planning the absolutely perfect wedding day is something most couples start doing months in advance, hoping to ensure that all the details are just right. What can make brides nervous is something that’s entirely outside their control: the weather. Everyone wants their wedding on a beautiful day with bright skies, and few things can feel more stressful than worries about a drizzling rain on the day of your ceremony. 

Although you can’t control the weather, it’s important to remember the significance of your wedding day. It’s the day you pledge to love and honor your chosen mate, in a ceremony that unites you as man and wife, surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. The weather doesn’t have to be a factor at all. In fact, even the stormiest day can still be one where your wedding is memorable for everyone who attends.

Here are some tips for how you can embrace rain on your wedding day and use it to help make your day even more special.

Should You Be Worried About a Rainy Wedding Day?

It can be tough in the weeks leading up to your wedding to be hopeful for spectacular outdoor weather, and then watch every rainy day that comes by and think about how much you hope to avoid a day like this.

But it doesn’t have to cause stress. If there’s nothing you can do to stop a rainy season, your best bet is to embrace it. You can also consider the ways in which a rainy day can be made to feel romantic, even if it wasn’t what you planned.

So here are some ways to plan for the possibility of a rainy day wedding.

Decorating Your Venue

Knowing there’s a possibility that your outdoor wedding might get moved inside, you can put a lot more attention into decorating your hall, and make it a truly beautiful day inside. Rain is what feeds nature so you can complement the rain by adding a host of gorgeous flowers throughout the hall, as well as twinkling lights to give your hall a special glow. 

Creating Memorable Wedding Photos

Some of your best wedding photos can be taken outside in the rain. Professional wedding photographers know how to make a rainy day photo look particularly appealing for you and your guests. Rain can spark creativity and spontaneity. Imagine your guests splashing around outside in the rain before the ceremony begins. Who doesn’t love the idea of photos of guests dancing in the rain? What if the rain stops midway through the day, and you have a beautiful rainbow outside for another round of photos? Rainbows don’t happen unless there’s rain.

Rain can bring surprising pleasures to your wedding day. It’s all about finding ways to embrace and enjoy what you can’t change.

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