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As a society, we are going through many changes to begin normalizing a new future and even more with social gatherings. Weddings are at the very top of mind when consciously planning, and while you want to be safe, you still feel the need to make it memorable. There is more careful planning and tough decisions to make before your big day, but just know, you’re not alone. 

Deciding to even have a wedding in 2020 is going to be a big decision. Here are a few choices couples will need to make when planning a wedding in 2020.


Who Should You Invite to Your Wedding in 2020?

Coming up with an attendance list is already a huge undertaking for some couples. Friends are promising to social distance, but with your favorite Uncle Bob having immune deficiencies, and Grandma definitely needing to stay home, who is left for the big celebration?

If you’re insistent on including everyone on your special day, which is your right as a couple, there are always ways to reinvent the wedding event schedule and the final ceremony. Some families already engage in multi-day celebrations where specific days are set aside for small groups of family members and friends. 

Depending on where you hold your wedding, you can always consider designating specific days for mini celebrations. That way, everyone who has been waiting for this day can feel the thoughtfulness you and your future husband or wife put into creating an experience for everyone. 


I’ve Always Dreamed of A Destination Wedding. What Now?

Having a destination wedding is an even bigger challenge in the era of COVID-19. With borders closing and travel bans happening all over, even Hawaii is making visitors quarantine for a full two weeks before going out in public. This is a very careful decision you as a couple will need to pay attention to. 

There are always alternatives to a destination wedding like redirecting travel funds to a luxurious staycation. No, that’s not what couples who dreamed about a destination want to hear. Let’s be honest though, traveling on an airplane and asking others to do so as well will ultimately be more frustrating than enjoyable. Couples should enjoy the wedding planning process, and by resetting our expectations, we can look at staycations as a glass half full solution.

If you’re still keen on destination weddings, here are some other alternatives:

  • Choose a destination you can get to by car
  • Re-create the destination magic with a luxurious, themed outside tent
  • Have a “do over” celebration at a later time with your dream destination
  • Invite a small, core group of friends and family to join you on your adventure

With any case regarding destination, make sure you do your research and be prepared to adjust your plans accordingly.


Postponing the Wedding Celebration: 2020 vs 2021

Just because COVID-19 might be ruining your big celebration plans for 2020 doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a more intimate setting now and delay the big blowout to 2021. Many couples are taking the route of making that lifelong promise to each other this year, even though it means they need to rethink their plans. 

With virtual and livestream nuptials becoming more common, couples are keeping that special moment to a small group of loved ones, while the larger audience views from afar. This is also the opportunity where you can break off the festivities into bite-sized gatherings. 

For more answers about wedding complications due to COVID-19, The Knot has created a full guide if your wedding date is coming up soon!


Outdoor Weddings in Central New Jersey

There is so much to look forward to while planning your wedding that you shouldn’t be discouraged from getting started in 2020. The bright side is that understanding friends and family members will know where you’re coming from with all the changes you’re making due to COVID-19. In the end, your loved ones will want you to be safe, and should welcome a safer way of participating in your wedding. 

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