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The guests you invite to your wedding, whether family, friends or coworkers, are the most important people in your life, and you’re going to feel honored to see each and every one of them attending your most special of days.

There’s a unique way to thank everyone who accepts your invitation, and that’s by handing out wedding welcome bags. This is a particularly thoughtful gesture to any of your guests who are traveling a long distance to be a part of your wedding. If you expect a large gathering, it’s a way to greet them and give them a hearty welcome to your ceremony.

If you’re not sure what to put in a Wedding Welcome Bag, here are some tips to get you thinking creatively.

Why are Wedding Welcome Bags Getting More Popular?

While there’s no definite etiquette rule that you need to provide welcome bags to your guests, doing so has become more popular among couples who absolutely want to ensure they provide a memorable experience to everyone who attends. 

One reason why couples do this more often is because when some of their guests are staying at a local hotel, the goodies they put in the Welcome Bag can be filled with handy and common sense things they may need during their visit. This is all about making them feel comfortable while they’re there for your big day.

Chances are your guests will love this gesture and appreciate that you’ve been thoughtful enough to welcome them in this special way. So, what should you put into those bags, and what truly makes for the perfect Wedding Welcome Bag? Here are some creative gift ideas to consider.


Snacks are always a good idea for a wedding bag, providing guests with something they can munch on when they return to their hotel, or something to tide them over before the big wedding dinner is served. Fruits are a healthy item and an easy one to fit into wedding bags, and so are popular items like popcorn or chips. A nice way of finding snacks for out-of-town guests is to look for things they might not be able to get back home. Give them a sampling of the finest in local flavors.

Helpful Information

Another great idea is to provide them with information about the ceremony and reception, where it’s being held, important times to remember, and information about the local area as well. If they plan to stay longer than your wedding day to explore the region, they’re likely to find this kind of information very helpful. That can include a guidebook about the area. Souvenirs like fridge magnets or shot glasses are also a nice touch.

Something to Drink

If you’re hosting your wedding during summer, another good tip is to include bottled water or other bottled drinks, such as juice or iced coffee. You could also get even more creative and include mini bottles of champagne or wine.

Summer Essentials

If it’s summer, sunscreen or bug spray can be a practical addition. If it’s the rainy season, try adding some ponchos or umbrellas.

Remember the Kids  

If you know guests who are bringing their children with them, how about adding in small toys, or activity or coloring books to help keep the little ones occupied and entertained while the adults are getting ready?

What are the Best Ways to Assemble a Wedding Welcome Bag?

There are different ways to do this. You could arrange with the local hotels to have their welcome bags waiting for them in their rooms once they arrive. Just don’t try to cram in too much in those bags, since your guests might not want to take home a lot of extra stuff.

The bottom line is to get creative about the entire gift-giving process. You know your guests and what they like, so it’s going to be easier for you to know what they’re likely to appreciate the most inside those bags.

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