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Choosing the food for your wedding can be a big deal. Dining with your closest friends and family to celebrate your big day is a wonderful way to commemorate memories, but it can also be stressful. For one, you have so many food options to choose from. Do you choose a specific theme? Have finger foods? And then there are your guests to consider, too, along with any restrictions or allergies they may have. 

Doing a tasting is a great way to explore your options and ensure everything has been fully considered. Plus, trying a bunch of delicious food with your future spouse can be fun, too. To ensure you are going into your next tasting as prepared as possible, Windows on the Water has put together a checklist of topics to consider before making your choice. 

What Are Your Food Preferences? 

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s important to consider what you want to eat on your wedding day. Your mind may be focused on your aunt and uncle’s food preferences and what sort of food your traveling visitors might want, but at the end of the day, you have to like it too. Having your taster provide a variety of options within the scope of your interests can really help you navigate what exactly the final menu will look like. 

Any Attendee’s Dietary Restrictions or Allergies

Within your food preferences, you should have a list of any guest’s acknowledged dietary restrictions or allergies. Is anyone vegan? Does anyone have severe allergies to shellfish or peanuts? Accommodating them within your scope of interest is something to have in mind before going to a taster. You may love their vegetarian options, but will it work for everyone? 

Having guests provide any food restrictions as early as possible will make this process easier for both you and whichever taster you eventually decide to move forward with. 

Extraneous Services the Caterer Can Provide

You will most likely need your food provider to do more than drop off your menus and food. Some questions to have ready in advance before your wedding tasting include: 

  • Do you provide staff? 
  • Do you provide napkins and other utensils? 
  • Do you require a kitchen? 
  • Is the food prepared in advance or onsite? 
  • Do you offer other food-related services, like drinks or cake? 
  • Can you accommodate my specific number of guests?

Having a list of these questions ready to go will help when you officially meet with the catering business. It will help to give you a sense of their competency as a business, not just as the company providing your food. If you have your venue already picked out, it helps to bring information on that as well. Giving your caterer an idea of kitchen size and what the reception hall looks like can allow brainstorming about how your big day will look.

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