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Ring shopping is hands-down one of the best things to check off the list before your big day. Styles and settings come and go, but your wedding ring is one of those keepsakes that not only reminds you of who you were when you got married, but something you can carry with you and hopefully pass down to future generations.

While it may be a little faux pas for brides to dictate the type of ring they want before the proposal, there’s no harm in doing a little research. To start, there’s no right answer to choosing a ring. In fact, it’s a personal decision that defines the bride’s personal style. The many choices on the market allow you to choose a design that you love and can admire forever. Here are a few top trends to get you started.

Sustainability Rings

Choosing conflict-free or ethically mined diamonds is nothing new to couples who are being conscientious about where they purchase their diamonds. Moving beyond that, several companies provide lab-grown diamonds that address concerns regarding carbon emissions in jewelry-making. Sustainability can easily be a pillar of how you choose your ring with how far the technology and popularity of the idea has come. If you looked at a lab grown diamond, do you think you could tell the difference? Probably not, but at the heart of it, you know you were doing your part to shop ethically.

Yellow Gold Bands are Back!

Yellow gold, which has fallen out of favor in recent years, is back in the spotlight. Pair delicate yellow bands with your more fun fashion rings and be ready to show off your hands in style. Yellow gold bands are making a comeback because of how flattering they look on a wide range of skin tones. What’s more? Yellow gold is malleable, so if you need to resize your ring in the future, it’s not an issue. 

Single Stone Settings

A single stone setting can say it all with its brilliance and simplicity. The light and angles that are opened up from single stones can create a larger effect and really pop on your finger. And let’s not forget, many brides aren’t even going for a traditional diamond ring. Looking beyond diamonds, emeralds and sapphires can offer that exquisite, unique look you’re after. 

Multiple Stone

Multi-stone engagement and wedding rings are always fun to play with, especially if you’re a jewelry fanatic. You can create a unique design and show off your personal touch while maintaining a relatively affordable budget. Having multiple stones can also lend itself to creating a meaningful story about your family, your life, or your soon-to-be spouse. You can choose multiple diamonds or a variety of gems. 

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