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Summer is coming, and that means it’s wedding season. Finding a great outfit as a wedding guest can be arduous, and it’s even more difficult if you don’t have any ideas or inspiration for what you might choose. Another stumbling block to avoid is accidentally outshining the bride herself.

So what are unique styles to try? Should your final choice be determined by the final destination? Are there any particular trends to keep in mind? Shopping can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for new and inspiring ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Go For Something Sleeveless and Bright

A summer wedding means it will be reasonably warm almost anywhere you’re heading, so it doesn’t hurt to try to keep cool. Because of the heat, it’s not a bad idea to wear a sleeveless dress, at least as long as you slap on some sunscreen.

Prioritizing a sleeveless look can be particularly appealing if the wedding you’re attending will be outside. Additionally, wearing a bright shade can aid you in matching the overall feeling of the event. A bright summer sun paired with a bold-colored gown will undoubtedly be alluring and complimentary.

Long Sleeve but Light

It’s never a good idea to rival the bride’s white gown in your wedding guest attire, but a pastel shade can feel sweet and flattering. A bright side to wearing a lighter color is the ability to reflect the sunlight away from your skin. If you’re concerned about overheating or burning, it’s not a bad idea to try pastel the next time you’re a wedding guest.

Long sleeve dresses can be quite elegant in a pastel color. Not only will you be able to reflect more sun away from your body, but gowns with long sleeves can have very becoming silhouettes on various body types. So if you prefer more conservative garb, you’ve still got lovely options.

Try Something With a Sexy Slit

Clothing that adds a few extra cuts to basic dress patterns can be fascinating, as simple detail additions completely transform each piece and create new focal points. While this visual interest doesn’t have to be a leg slit, these sassy cuts are trendy and timeless.

If you don’t think leg slits are for you, alternate cut-outs are also fun to try. Plenty of dresses come with cut-outs around the midriff or sternum, and these also exist on backs and arms. Odds are, no matter your comfort level with clothing, there are attractive cuts you can find.

Look Into Two-Piece Sets

While many party guests will think of suits and dresses for wedding guest garb, it doesn’t hurt to bend the rules. Jumpsuits and two-piece sets are getting somewhat popular, and plenty are gorgeous enough to wear to weddings and other special events.

Two-piece sets can also offer unique silhouettes for those who like experimenting with style. If you like having an established waistline, these kinds of outfits can make that almost guaranteed.

Let Yourself Go Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical dresses and outfits are about as alternative and exciting as you can get. If you’re interested in making a statement the next time you’re a wedding guest, an asymmetrical outfit might be the way to go.

What are fun examples of asymmetrical outfits you can wear? There are plenty of pieces that have sleeves of different lengths or colors. And, as aforementioned, cut-outs in asymmetrical patterns are also incredibly fun. Additionally, skirts with varying lengths on the right and left sides have been particularly popular, especially if you aim to get on the dance floor.

Pull Out a Quirky Print

If you’re looking for a feeling of whimsy, try to keep an eye out for some eccentric prints the next time you’re out dress shopping. You can’t go wrong, whether you decide to go with a small- or large-scale pattern. Busier patterns can be interesting to look at and might help you stand out in the crowd.

Instead of picking something with flowers or stripes, don’t be afraid to select more dynamic and unique shapes. Wavy lines, palm trees, or cute animal silhouettes are all fantastic options for the quirky child at heart.

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