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Winter weddings have become increasingly more popular. There is a natural magic and a warm atmosphere that comes from a winter wedding. Winter can provide a beautiful backdrop to your wedding, making your wedding stand out among all the weddings that occurred during the traditional wedding season. Getting married in the winter, however, may require specific accommodations. Failing to make such accommodations could lead to significant problems.

5 Winter Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

You have worked so hard for everything on your wedding day to go smoothly. The last thing you want is to have unexpected, yet preventable, mistakes ruin your wedding. It is critical to remember that the cold and winter weather will influence the way you plan your wedding. Most importantly, remember that typical wedding tips are written with summer and spring in mind. What you read about wedding planning may not apply to a winter wedding. The biggest mistake a winter bride can make is to forget that winter weddings have different protocols than spring or summer weddings. The following are five mistakes to avoid when planning your winter wedding:

Forgetting to Purchase Wedding Insurance

You must not forget to purchase wedding insurance. Wedding insurance can cover all costs associated with having to cancel or reschedule your wedding. Winter weather can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous. If a storm rolls in or the roads are too dangerous, no one can get to the wedding venue. Protect yourself from the unexpected by having wedding insurance.

Assuming a Winter Wedding Is Cheaper

It is reasonable to think that a winter wedding may be cheaper since it does not take place during the heat of the wedding season. A winter wedding, however, may have added costs to accommodate for the cold weather. There are also the additional costs that come with planning an event in the center of the holiday season. Venues, hotels, caterers, and florists may be more expensive due to the holiday season.

Not Accounting for the Weather

Unfortunately, the weather influences how smoothly your wedding day can go. As mentioned above, bad weather can lead to the extreme measure of having to cancel or reschedule your wedding. You can still have your big day during the winter as long as you account for the colder weather. Accounting for the weather means giving your guests enough time to reach the venue. Keeping the wedding and reception in one location is also beneficial to avoid more travel time on the cold or icy roads.

Not Accommodating Your Guests

Although your guests are aware of the cold, they might underestimate how cold it will get. They may also assume that the ceremony will be entirely indoors and not bring appropriate outerwear. An excellent way to make sure that your guests will be warm and comfortable is to address the cold ahead of time. It can be highly beneficial to have an emergency kit that contains more than bandages and disinfectant wipes. In your emergency kit, you can include:

  • Extra gloves
  • Blankets
  • Hand warmers
  • Warm socks

Your emergency kit will ensure that your guests have everything they need to stay warm and comfortable.

Forgetting the Sun Sets Sooner

Winter means the sun sets earlier; therefore, you will need to take all of your outdoor photos before the sun is gone for the day. During winter, it is vital to keep track of the time on your wedding day because golden hour comes faster than you might expect. If you want your photographer to capture your first look or take photos of your bridal party outdoors, make sure you know what time the sun will set.

Plan Your Wedding with Windows on the Water

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