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Nothing says magical like a winter wonderland wedding. There is something mystical about the white and glistening atmosphere of a winter wonderland. Capturing the beauty of winter and applying it to your wedding is a sure way to guarantee that you have a memorable and picturesque day. Of course, for the atmosphere to be complete, all of the wedding elements have to fit the theme, including the desserts.

8 Dessert Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

When planning what desserts to serve, capturing the essence of a winter wonderland comes down to color, design, and flavor. All three components come together to create the perfect representation of a winter wonderland within a dessert. The following are eight dessert ideas for a winter wonderland wedding:

S’mores Dessert Bar

Everyone loves the classic s’mores; however, you can get creative by adding different types of chocolate. You could also add other elements in addition to the traditional graham cracker cookie.

Caramel Apple Bar

The caramel apple is a staple during the holiday season. Let your guests have fun making their caramel apples by offering numerous options. Provide different types of nuts, chocolate, sprinkles, and whatever else comes to mind.

Cake Pops with a Winter Wonderland Theme

Cake pops are a fun treat that can take many different shapes. You can shape your cake pops like snowmen, penguins, or snowballs.

Snowflake Cookies

Cookies shaped like snowflakes are the perfect treat for a winter wonderland wedding.

Icicle Blue Rock Candy

Nothing says winter like an icicle. A blue rock candy icicle is the perfect representation of the icy cold beauty of winter.

Marshmallow Snowman Hat

You can dip marshmallows in chocolate and decorate them as hats. Your guests will love this sweet treat.

Snow Angel Cupcakes

Cupcakes are classic desserts, and you can serve wintry-themed cupcakes on your wedding day.

Mini Apple Pies

Apple pies are a warm dessert that your guests will love. When the apple pies are small and portable, your guests will be able to grab them and take them on the go.

Windows on the Water Is the Perfect Venue for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

At Windows on the Water, we are proud of our 86-acre property that transforms into a magical, winter wonderland landscape as soon as the temperatures drop. Christmas-like fir trees and weeping willows surround our grounds, creating the perfect atmosphere and backdrop for a winter wonderland wedding. Our wedding planners can guide you through every step of planning your wedding. They can help you plan the wedding of your dreams by taking the time to focus on even the most minor details.

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