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After 15 years in business here in Millstone Township, we have hosted many business events and corporate meetings. And we have developed some tips and tools to help New Jersey and New York meeting planners have very enjoyable and successful events:


Depending on the nature of your company event, choose entertainment and table decor that is clever or interesting and designed to promote conversation and bring guests together. Instead of a standard bar, consider a juicing station or an interactive wine-tasting tasting by a local sommelier.


Create seating vignettes that are conducive to conversation by utilizing our sleek and sophisticated lounge furniture. Take advantage of our lakeside patios and set up smaller seating arrangements for small group socializing.

Guest Identification:

Depending on the nature and formality of the event, you may wish to ID guests (who often don’t know each other face-to-face but only through email). Try to be a little creative here, if tags are needed. In addition to the guest’s name, include an interesting piece of information about each person that can get people talking. Perhaps color code name IDs by department or branch to help identify each other.

Take Aways:

It’s nice to send your attendees home with a token that reflects the event. Take time to choose a gift that is thoughtful and pertinent. If participants are traveling a long distance, perhaps offer a bag with a bottle of water, piece of fruit and a light snack for the ride. If it’s a corporate event, be sure to order your takeaway items featuring any logo well in advance to avoid last minute stress.


Corporate event planners in New Jersey and New York are increasingly asking for healthy fare that is less carbohydrate-laden and more focused on fresh and healthy offerings.

But make no mistake, company special events still need to offer plenty of desserts and sweet treats. The dessert trays or bar is very, very important. Not to worry! Our Windows bakers have many delicious selections for you to choose from (or you can just include them all!).

If you are planning a company special event or corporate occasion, call our professional meeting and event planners at Windows on the Water for more information at (609) 208-9475 and to check the availability of the date you have in mind. Book our corporate event venue in NJ for your next celebration!