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While you might think only guests have rules to follow, planning your wedding without taking note of particular dos and don’ts is like making a cake with salt instead of sugar. Suddenly, all that hard work is lost, and you’re stuck with an inedible dessert.

Weddings are full of surprises, and understanding wedding etiquette can keep you from ruining your special moment. For you to throw an impeccable celebration, we’ve compiled a few mistakes you won’t want to make.

Your Invites Shouldn’t Contain Registry Information

An announcement should express to guests that they’re appreciated and meaningful, and not just for those exciting gifts. Although there’s nothing wrong with expecting presents, there are some more discreet ways to inform those attending where they can find your registry.

  • Through the grapevine: Let your close friends and family spread word of the location of your registry.
  • With a wedding website: This is a popular option that provides guests with helpful hotel suggestions, links to your registry, and information on the wedding.

Don’t Keep Your Guests Waiting

While ceremonies are beautiful and sentimental, the real fun begins with the afterparty. From delicious food to dancing the night away, guests will have been waiting all day and night for festivities. Your guests will want to begin socializing as soon as possible, so keeping them waiting too long can make people frustrated.

Start serving alcohol and appetizers to prolong the amount of time you have for changing and retouching makeup.

All Weddings Should Be Open Bar

A wedding is a party, and no one throws a party without a fully stocked cooler. Because hosts are expected to provide the alcohol on any other occasion, a wedding that requires guests to pay for drinks frustrates attendees.

If you’re looking for ways to lower the price of your bar bill, try a few suggestions below:

  • Skip mixed drinks: Instead of paying for complex drinks and garnishes, pick out a few wines and beers to satisfy the crowd.
  • Create a signature cocktail: Have a few free options, but add a touch of sentiment with signature drinks and your guests will adore them.
  • Find venue package deals: Some venues have a set price for wedding packages that align with the theme and food choice. This will help save time and money.

Pay Attention to Your Vendors

Since a wedding is more challenging than a dinner rush, your vendors are going to need breaks for food and drinks. Without their hard work, your wedding wouldn’t happen, so make sure you take care of them. Vendors like your photographer and musician will be spending hours entertaining guests, so making them feel welcomed is a small price to pay for a beautiful wedding celebration.

Don’t Delay Sending Thank You Cards

Writing thank you cards might be time-consuming and repetitive, but each guest deserves some gratitude for traveling and making your wedding special. These should thank your friends and family members that attended and express gratitude for each person taking the time to travel for your wedding.

While the period for sending thank you cards varies by each person you ask, it’s better to send them out as soon as possible with the celebration and their gift still fresh in your mind.

Plan Your Perfect Wedding with Windows on the Water

Wedding planning can feel overwhelming, but at Windows on the Water, we’re beside you every step of the way. Our experienced teams will be there from the entrance to the exit to help with all your wedding needs.

Windows on the Water is located in Millstone Township, Monmouth County, on a private resort for special events—including weddings. With lakeside parties on 86 acres of manicured natural landscape, our land is perfect for a gorgeous scenic wedding. For more information on our wedding events, contact us at (609) 208-9475.