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When it comes right down to it, not every couple wants or needs a huge wedding. If two people are truly in love, they may want something simple, quiet, and, of course, legal. That’s why some couples opt for a civil ceremony at City Hall instead, followed by a celebration afterward.

For one thing, the hoopla over wedding planning isn’t for everyone. Not all men want to be heavily involved in the fine details of their upcoming wedding. 

If you do decide to have a civil ceremony, followed by a big reception, how should you plan that special day? If you’re thinking about a civil ceremony to get you two hitched, here are some tips for making it all work.

Choosing a Courthouse Ceremony

To make a marriage legal, a couple will need an officiant, marriage license and — depending on what state the marriage is being held in — a few people to witness the ceremony. The vows don’t have to be taken in a church. Any couple can opt to go to their local courthouse, or even have their service at home with their family 

Check Your State’s Requirements

When a couple agrees to a civil ceremony, they need to understand the requirements of the state they live in. Couples can’t simply pick a day and head over to City Hall expecting to be married. Cities, counties, and the individual states all have rules and regulations over the legal marriage process. So couples need to do their homework first. 

Once they do, there’s less risk anything will hold up the process, and it pays off to understand what it takes to obtain the required documents and whether they have a waiting period to adhere to for a civil ceremony. 

What Will a Civil Ceremony Cost?

When choosing a civil ceremony, couples must be ready to pay a fee for their license. Also, don’t expect every courthouse to have a credit card option for payment. Have cash or a check on hand, just to be safe.  

Who Should You Invite?

It’s fine when you’re planning a civil ceremony to have a few guests in attendance, assuming they’re over 18 years old. Inviting your parents and siblings is an obvious choice, and you can also add on some close friends. Invite only those you’re closest to.  

Once your civil ceremony is over, it’s up to the new husband and wife to decide what kind of celebration they want to host. 

What you need at this point is the perfect location and venue for your celebration

Begin Planning Your Wedding Celebration Today

Deciding on the best Central Jersey venue to host your wedding celebration is an essential part of any couple’s wedding experience. Fortunately, Windows on the Water at Frogbridge has all the facilities you’ll need, and a team of professional event planners to help create your party plans according to every detail you desire. 

Our property and staff proudly boast years of recognized engagement party services that have brought our clients and their guests together for a wonderful time of celebration and memory making with as little stress as possible. If you’re ready to start planning your wedding celebration, contact us today at (609) 208-9475 to receive an informational packet that contains menus, pricing, photos and additional amenities and services that are available.