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Hundreds of details go into planning a wedding. When the week of your wedding finally arrives, you’ll have a lot on your mind. After all, your whole life is about to change! So if it does no harm, why not avoid anything that could cause extra stress?

For this exact reason, many couples are opting for a day-of wedding rehearsal. Having your rehearsal on the same day of your wedding is usually a lot easier for everyone involved, and it comes with other added benefits as well.

If you’re considering skipping the whole night-before rehearsal for a run-through the day of, read on for our list of benefits of doing just that.

Make Only One Trip to Your Wedding Venue

If you have friends and family visiting from out of town, this will especially benefit them. Waiting until the day-of to gather your guests at the venue ensures a much more relaxed night for everyone the day before.  It gives your guests flying in from out-of-town a chance to get settled, unpack, and unwind. If you’re getting married at a time of year with inclement weather (Hello, all you winter brides), doing it all on the same day helps mitigate traveling on rough snowy and icy roads.

Host a Dinner the Night Before at a Location of Your Choice

Half the fun of a wedding rehearsal is the dinner that follows. If you’re saving the rehearsal for the day-of, you can still have your cake and eat it too (err – your rehearsal and your dinner too)! Instead of having everyone at your wedding venue, you can make it more personal and have everyone at your favorite restaurant! 

Or, do you have a family member that loves cooking? You can make this dinner extra personal and host a meal at a friend or family’s home instead! Whichever option you go with, this still allows time for everyone to mingle and catch up with each other. Many couples use this time to give gifts to their wedding party as a way to thank them for being a part of their special day.

Hosting a dinner the night before still provides that opportunity to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them.

Opt for a Rehearsal Brunch Instead of Dinner the Night Before

If a dinner the night before doesn’t work for you and yours, you can still show your wedding party how much you appreciate them by hosting a rehearsal brunch on the day-of! You all have to be at the venue anyway, so why not arrive a little early for a delicious breakfast or brunch to start the day off right? 

Keep in mind, time is not a luxury you have on your wedding day. So, it will be a short and sweet affair, but a fun one nonetheless!

Rehearsal on the Day-of Creates a Wedding State of Mind

It can be difficult to pay attention when you’re super excited. We can all relate to that feeling! When your wedding rehearsal is held on the typical night before, everyone’s excitedly chatting with each other, arriving after work, or running late because of travel or work. If you have your rehearsal on the same day as your wedding, everyone’s already in that wedding-state-of-mind – meaning they’re paying sharp attention to everything. This is your day, everyone knows it, and they don’t want to mess it up. Oftentimes, you can run through your rehearsal at a much faster pace the morning or afternoon of your big day. 

Just keep in mind, time is limited! You still have to eat, get ready, take photos, and mentally prepare for one of the biggest, most memorable days of your entire life! This option, however, still saves more time than having your rehearsal the night before. Plus, the step will be fresh in everyone’s mind for a flawless wedding ceremony!

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