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When we consider tents for weddings and receptions, it is often as a fail-safe plan for choosing outdoors, since you can never really tell what the weather will be like. However, tents are their own venue. When you choose a tent reception as your primary setting, you’re establishing a design element of intimacy and charm. The benefits that accompany a tent are both unique and stunning as you may soon see.

Best of Both Worlds

A tent allows you to experience nature’s beauty, with adequate protection from its harsher elements like sun, rain, and snow. You have the convenience of shelter without sacrificing the desire for being outdoors. In New Jersey, where all four seasons occur in their fullness, tents are made to bear most weather possibilities. Tents are built to withstand rain, snow and high winds.

Blank Canvas to Decorate

A tent offers you a blank canvas to fill according to your own vision. Indoor venues may come with features that clash with your established theme. You may fall in love with the regal entrance and the beautiful chandeliers, but the walls and flooring are utterly different from the color scheme you’ve selected. These encounters can create tough compromises. These are compromises a tent wedding and reception eliminates as you have free reign to create each detail from top to bottom.

Tented Weddings can be Cost Effective

Renting a tent is often more affordable than reserving a large venue. The more you save on the location, the more you can put into decorations, the cuisine, or anywhere you want to contribute more. Instead of essentially having two separate venues for an outdoor wedding, you can save by making the proxy location for unpredictable weather the primary area. This switch does not only save you from decorating two spaces but also from enacting your plan B at the very last moment.

Central Jersey Tent Venues for Weddings

Tent weddings and receptions are best at stunning locations. An impressive location creates an ideal backdrop for the day; after all, nature is most likely a primary design element in your theme. If you’re looking in Central Jersey for scenic locations, consider lush green lawns, bold, romantic flowers with calming lakeside views. Windows on the Water at Frogbridge offers these natural beauties to make your reception, memorable as we’ve done for others. Contact us now at (609) 208-9475 and let us be a part of the affordable and stylish wedding reception you see in your dreams.