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Outdoor tents are quickly becoming the best solution to carrying out your wedding dreams in 2020. The fresh outdoor feeling of a simple canopy or larger luxurious tent sets the stage for a whimsical — and safe — wedding. Tents are essentially a blank slate and provide many creative opportunities to double down on your theme and celebrate in style.

Whether you’re going for a Western or boho chic vibe, get ready to have fun planning the decor of your outdoor wedding tent. Here are 10 unique ideas to step up your outdoor tent game and impress your guests.


Chandeliers for Days

Chandeliers are a sure way to mesmerize your guests with lighting. Depending on the size of your tent, you can go with one large centerpiece that hangs from the top of your tent or bring down individual chandeliers between tables. If you plan to have one long table, place two to four rectangular light installations along the center. 


Bring the Outdoors into Your Wedding Tent

Adding to the outside foliage by bringing it inside your tent provides continuity throughout your venue and keeps your guests immersed in nature. From large birch or olive trees to boxwood hedges, or striking white branched planted trees, think about what’s going outside of your tent that can compliment your theme and indoor décor. 


Star-lit Lighting

Choosing the perfect lighting to create those sweet evening moments has never been easier. With the number of choices out there, you can go from whimsical day mood to glamorous party all night long. Your wedding or venue coordinator can help you choose the perfect way to dress up your outdoor wedding tent with your theme in mind. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Edison bulbs 
  • Lantern lighting
  • Ceiling of lights
  • String lights
  • Accent spot lights
  • Disco ball(s)


Dancefloor Curb Appeal

This unique focal point can sometimes be an afterthought, but not with these great ideas. Use a blank white dance floor to create an artful masterpiece, design your wedding crest, or dress it up with your life mantra. 

With top lighting, create mixed color patterns that can change with the music. Depending on where your dance floor is located, create hanging elements or specific lighting just for that area. There are endless options for creating a striking dance floor on which to dance the night away.


Theme Color Blocking

A simple and elegant décor option is intermingling blocks of your wedding colors throughout the tent. These accents can come through along the sides, on the tables and chairs or tent posts. When you choose color blocking, consider how this could complement your lighting.


Centerpiece Focal Points

Have you ever wanted a replica statue of David as your centerpiece at your Italian wedding? Maybe that’s a little far fetched for some couples, but creating a centerpiece for your wedding table, a grand ice sculpture, or a 3-D art installation are all creative ideas for your outdoor tent. 


Grand Arched Entryways

Archways have always been a traditional design element for weddings. Whether you take a pre-made ceremony archway or create a one-of-a-kind arched entryway for your outdoor tent reception, entryways come in a variety of styles to suit your wedding theme. 


Architectural Digest-Worthy Furniture

Create individual spaces of chaise lounges and themed rugs or vintage chair sitting areas throughout your tent. Bringing in furniture design plans can give a certain flow for small groups to gather, or for friends and family to take Instagram-worthy photos with your Architectural Digest-worthy design choices.


Candles or Candelabras? 

Individual candles or using candelabras can play a magical part in the mood setting of your outdoor wedding tent. Using votive candles or mix-sized candles on guests’ tables or around the room creates that instant evening vibe of romance and intimacy. If you decide on the candelabra direction, there are so many beautiful options ranging from modern to more simple wood-crafted settings that can be brought out again and again at future events. Here’s a pro tip – you can never have too many candles, but be sure to practice fire safety.


Create a Magical Tent Wedding in Central Jersey

Using a wedding tent for your ceremony can not only protect your special day from unexpected weather, but it can also bring your wedding day to life. Your outdoor wedding tent doesn’t have to be dull; rather, it can be the staggering centerpiece of your wedding décor. With the help of the wedding planners at Windows on the Water, you can deck out your tent with gorgeous accents, making it the perfect setting to tie the knot. 

At Windows on the Water, we specialize in designing outdoor weddings. Our experienced planners will highlight the natural components of our stunning 86-acre green grounds, while personalizing the tent with small tokens of love. To start planning your stress free outdoor wedding, contact us at 609-795-5852 to receive our Windows Wedding Packet that contains menus, photos, pricing, and additional amenities and services. Our unique wedding venue in New Jersey will be the place for your magical tent wedding.