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Wedding planning is not easy, especially if you are doing it on your own. Many elements of planning a wedding require careful attention. Not only do you have to make sure everything is ready for the big day, but you must also keep up with your everyday life. The last thing you need is endless questions from well-meaning friends and family. As soon as you announce your wedding, the questions start pouring in, and they can become annoying quickly. Your loved ones just want to know information so they can support you on your big day; however, being bombarded with questions can feel tasking and overwhelming.

4 Tips to Help You Answer Your Guests’ Questions before They Ask

Your loved ones might think they are asking questions that have quick answers, but they probably do not realize you are receiving questions from all of your guests. You should be free to enjoy your engagement and plan the wedding. You should not have to be glued to your phone or laptop, answering the same questions over and over again. The following are four tips to help you answer your guests’ questions before they ask:

Set Boundaries and Stick to Them

Now that you are engaged, your loved ones may want to celebrate and talk non-stop about the upcoming wedding. You, however, may not want to be in wedding mode all the time. You can set boundaries with your loved ones, and you can decide when and where they can ask their questions.

Create a Wedding Website with a Frequently Asked Questions Section

The more comprehensive your FAQ section, the easier your engagement period will be. Answer any and all questions that your guests may have, even if you think the answer is a matter of common sense. You can highlight important information, such as location, time, and date. Make sure everyone understands what they can or cannot wear or who they can or cannot bring. If there are particular directions or requirements that your guest needs to know, list such information in the FAQ section. Your guests will be able to reference the answers at any time without having to contact you.

Have Template Responses at the Ready

Emails and text messages have the option of setting up a template response. You should use this feature to your advantage. Most of the questions you receive will be fairly similar. If your loved one forgets to reference the wedding website FAQ, be ready to click on a template response. By being prepared with an automated response, you will not need to worry about taking the time to write out the same answer every time.

Designate a Person to Answer Wedding Questions

Having someone as the go-to person for questions and answers will help you focus on yourself and your partner. Ask someone in your bridal party or another loved one who wants to help. You should inform your guests to whom they may direct their questions on the wedding website or by sending out a mass message. If a loved one still tries to send questions to you, you can redirect them to your designated person.

Windows on the Water Can Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding

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