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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, many couples have been turning to virtual weddings. An online reception might sound pretty simple, and some guests do not think they have to worry about dressing up, sending a gift, or arriving on time. However, there are still a few rules that are important to follow. Keep reading to learn eight ways for you to be a perfect virtual wedding guest.

RSVP on Time

Regardless of if the wedding is in-person or online, you still need to RSVP on time. This means sending back an RSVP card or submitting an online response through the couple’s website by the specified date. Additionally, the couple may only send out the virtual address to those who said they were coming.

Send a Gift in Advance

Guests give wedding gifts to help the newlyweds start their life, and they are even more critical now during these difficult times. Even if you are not attending an in-person ceremony, you should still send a gift from the couple’s registry. Make sure the gift arrives on or before the wedding date.

Find a Proper Backdrop

A wedding is a special event, so take the time to find an appropriate backdrop in your home. You want the space to be quiet and distraction-free. However, you can still make the space look special by decorating it with a cute banner, flowers, or lights. Most importantly, do not use a Zoom background photo.

Dress Up for a Virtual Wedding

Even though you will not be leaving your house for the wedding, you should still dress up. It is not appropriate to attend in pajamas, a tee-shirt, or a sweatshirt. While you may not have to dress up as if you were going in person, it is still appropriate to look nice. This could mean wearing a collared shirt for men or a sundress for women.

Test out the Technology Early

Most people are familiar with Zoom and other virtual meeting services, but you still want to ensure your technology is working before the wedding begins. Make sure you fully charge your computer beforehand and that the camera and microphone are working. Do this a few hours before the event starts. If something goes wrong, you have the time to fix it.

Arrive on Time

Have the Zoom link and password handy 30 minutes before the wedding starts, and log on about 15 minutes early. Depending on the format, you may mingle with other guests or be in a virtual waiting room. You can use this extra time to grab a drink and make yourself comfortable.

Mute Yourself During the Ceremony

Be sure to mute your microphone before the ceremony begins. The focus should be on the couple, and you do not want other guests and the couple to hear kids screaming or dogs barking. Some virtual meeting platforms also have a function where the main screen will change to the person talking, and you do not want to steal attention away from the couple.

Stay Focused at Virtual Weddings

You must stay focused during the ceremony. Try to remove any distractions from your space. Turn off the TV, keep your phone in a different room, and turn off notifications from your laptop. Engaging in distractions is insulting to the couple.

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