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Weddings are a time for celebration, and your outfit serves as a reminder of that special day. While you may focus on finding a gorgeous gown, wedding shoes are just as important. Shoes tie an ensemble together, and the right shoes will truly complement your dress. Therefore, instead of traditional shoes, you can opt for comfy sneakers, either for the ceremony or during the reception.

Sneakers bring beauty and art to a wedding while ensuring the couple is comfortable all day. As a top New Jersey wedding destination, Windows on the Water not only provides a stunning venue, but we can also help you add a pop of creativity to your outdoor wedding.

Reasons to Consider Wearing Sneakers to Your Outdoor Wedding

A few great reasons to look into wearing sneakers for your wedding include:

1. Comfort

A wedding day is an all-day fun event, so you should prioritize comfort. The last thing you’ll want is to deal with blisters or have your feet killing you halfway through the day. Wearing sneakers lets you stride comfortably and confidently as you enjoy your big day. You can dance all day without pain, and they are perfect for any outdoor terrain. Additionally, you can easily switch in and out of sneakers in no time.

2. Style

Your wedding day shoes declare your fashion statement and allow you to share your personality. That’s why you should opt for sneakers, as you’ll not be limited to style options. There is always a striking pair of bespoke sneakers that will look perfectly on point with any style of wedding gown or reception dress. We’re talking about high-tops, floral ones, shiny sparkles, glittery ones, and even all-white ones. You can never go wrong with sneakers.

3. Matching Kicks

There is no better way to outwardly celebrate your relationship than by wearing matching shoes to your outdoor wedding. Most sneakers are unisex, allowing you to flaunt your romantic connections. You can choose sneakers of the same color, complementary designs, or opposite colors of the same make. This will subtly highlight your personal style and remind everyone that you belong together.

4. Room for Customization

Your wedding should reflect your personality and preferences. Customization adds a personal touch to your wedding, infusing your feelings and vibes. In addition to choosing an easily customizable venue, you can express your style through matching customized sneakers. This can include wearing sneakers with your name or personalized embroidery embellished with elegant lace patterns. 

5. More Affordable

Wedding shoes are generally not cheap. Even the most basic pair of heels can cost hundreds of dollars. However, sneakers are usually much more affordable than their heeled counterparts. Therefore, you can consider sneakers if you want to look stunning while cutting costs. You can easily find a decent pair for a much lower price. Cutting down on shoe costs means having more money to make your outdoor wedding an unforgettable experience.

6. Wearability

For most people, their wedding shoes are kind of one-wear shoes. You are less likely to wear the wedding high heels after the big day. Instead of wearing shoes that you’ll shove into the shelves after your wedding, consider sneakers, which you can wear again. Sneakers are part of the modern person and will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. You can wear them to constantly remind yourself of the biggest day of your life.

A Perfect Outfit Deserves a Perfect Wedding Venue

Every couple wishes to look perfect and flawless on their wedding day. That’s why you should consider various factors to find the perfect shoes for your special day. Sneakers are fashionable and comfortable, and your feet will thank you. You’ll feel your best from head to toe.

At Windows on the Water, we pride ourselves on offering a premium experience for you and your guests. We boast an elegant, spacious outdoor wedding venue in an 86-acre private resort set in a stunning setting. You’ll love our romantic atmosphere, convenient amenities, and excellent service. Our staff will work closely with you to ensure your wedding is as magical as you dreamed it would be. Call us at (609) 208-9475 or contact us online today for a truly unforgettable experience.