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You’ve said your vows and thanked your guests; it’s now time to make the final passage into life as a married couple. A send-off is the last memory you’ll have of your wedding celebration, so you’ll want to go out with a bang! Maybe you’ll choose fireworks or ride off into the sunset on a horse! Either way, this is where you and your guests will spend one final emotional moment together before departing.

When planning a wedding, choosing your send-off is exciting and somewhat overwhelming. There are many sentimental and playful options to choose from, but deciding on one out of many might leave you questioning if you made the right call. Here’s a list of some of our favorites that might help you with your decision.

Light the Night with Sparklers

Sparklers are one of the best options to choose from when looking for a magical ending. When paired with a cloudless night, the sparklers create the perfect lighting for photos. With smiles painted on everyone’s face, this moment is one for the books.

As if you were walking through stars, you’ll say farewell to your guests and end the night feeling as if your wedding was right out of a dream.

Send-off with Sky Lanterns

Feel like you’re in a fairy tale by releasing lanterns into the night sky. Sending lanterns up was used throughout history during festivals and celebrations to symbolize good luck and prosperity. Make your wedding end with cheerful laughter by departing with these delightful lights.

For a more personalized experience, have your guests write well-wishes on their lanterns. When they disappear, their wish will come true!

Have Guests Toss Your Favorite Herb

Walk hand-in-hand with your partner as your guests toss your favorite herbs. From lavender to rosemary, this natural confetti looks beautiful and leaves the pathway smelling magnificent. Traditionally, most would throw rice, but now wedding professionals recommend that you throw herbs or seeds due to the uncooked rice being dangerous to birds.

This sustainable and eco-friendly option will make your exit meaningful and have the air smelling like your favorite candle. You might even have to keep your guests from taking some home.

End Your Wedding with Ribbon Wands

While streamers are another great option, ribbon wands are both colorful and multi-use. Save these for your anniversary or let guests keep them as parting gifts. These whimsical decorations are effortless to make and create a wonderful ambiance.

Easily customizable to your wedding colors, use these as a DIY project for friends and family to help with before the wedding.

Say Goodbye with Butterflies

The feeling you get when a butterfly flutters by is only half of what you’ll experience when releasing hundreds. Have them sail through the air while you exit with your partner and create an incredible experience. Butterflies have many colors and all types of meanings. Choose your favorite, and your guests will release them into the air.

These friendly creatures symbol new beginnings and will help you embark on your new life with your partner.

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