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Whether you’re looking to save a little bit of money on your ceremony or you simply prefer the idea of a more personal gathering, tent weddings are a great way to create an intimate and beautiful evening that you’ll never forget. Here are some of the best ways that you can plan for a memorable night when coordinating your outdoor tent wedding.

Shrink Your Guest List

The idea of spending your wedding day surrounded by friends and family is charming, but sometimes there are guests that do not need to be in attendance. This might also mean limiting plus-ones. Spend time with your partner and determine a list of people that your day would be incomplete without. When you imagine looking out from the altar with your future spouse, who do you see in the seats?

Give Loved Ones the Option of Virtual Attendance

Another great way to keep your gathering intimate is to allow guests the option to attend the wedding virtually. Live-streamed ceremonies are more popular than ever before, and with good reason: they allow you to invite a much larger audience to the event without worrying about space and accommodations for each guest. Friends and family can still be a part of your special day without having to be there in person. Consider setting up a webcam within the tent to record the festivities and add a computer monitor or television so you can view all of your remote guests at once.

Create Your Own Unique Favors

Guests love leaving a wedding with physical reminders of the ceremony, and what better way to do that than with handmade favors? By keeping your wedding small, you can focus on crafting imaginative favors representing you and your spouse that your guests will adore. One-of-a-kind keepsakes like custom mugs, sentimental treats, or even plants fit perfectly into any theme or budget, and you can even enlist members of your wedding party to help put them together and arrange them before the reception.

Rethink Traditional Style

Having a smaller list of attendees for your big day can provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you approach the ceremony and reception. If you want to bring a dash of modern flair to your wedding, consider changing up the dining layout to something more intimate: a single banquet table beneath your tent can be a wonderful way to encourage your guests to learn more about one another during dinner. There are a variety of ways to take a traditional wedding staple and turn it on its head for a more unique affair. For example, is champagne not your style? Consider looking into a custom cocktail for your event instead. The sky’s the limit!

Personalize the Little Details

Intimate weddings are lovely because they are deeply personal, and infusing aspects of your personality into the party will add to that. For example, if you and your future spouse share a favorite color, you might consider picking out floral arrangements in a shade that you both love. Similarly, keeping a small guestlist for your big day gives you the opportunity to bring elements of your friends and family to the festivities with items such as individualized invitations and place cards. These small touches are sure to bring a smile to your guest’s face.

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