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nj spring wedding venuesSpring weddings are here for the nature lovers who delight in the sight of budding flowers and the season that signifies rebirth. When planning your wedding in spring, you should still make adequate preparations, even though it’s not yet the “wedding season.” You’ll also have to consider the existence of several spring holidays when choosing a date and venue for your wedding. We have four tips to help you achieve the perfect spring wedding.

Book Early

Spring is a desirable wedding season for the beauty it offers. Be sure to book the venue and vendors as soon as possible, keeping in mind that some weekends are more expensive than others due to spring holidays and local events. Consider that your guests may be wary of traveling during spring for different reasons. You may have guests that observe Easter holidays, while other guests may prefer to stare clear of venues hosting kids on spring break. For guests who will be flying in, hotel rooms and flights will get more expensive around holidays, so be mindful of guests getting all bookings in while the demand is low and prices are reasonable.

Spring is the Time for Bold

Spring is synonymous with soft, pastel colors. These colors are seen in likeness to the delicate blossoms that come up, the light blue sky, and the lightness of trees as they come into their leaves again. The beautiful backdrop creates the ideal opportunity to go bold with your color choices and style.

Allow nature to inspire you if you’re hesitant on what colors to choose. Take a look at your surroundings and observe the colors landscapers choose that are simply breathtaking. Keep an open mind as some breathtaking color palettes for spring are not the ones you may expect, but are bold and timeless.

Be Choosy with the Venue

If you’re considering a classic outdoor spring wedding, be sure to have an indoor location at the venue in case the weather shifts. You can never tell when you’ll have the perfect day, so take the necessary precautions to prepare for a potentially rainy wedding. There is no need to be washed away if you have secured an alternative indoors where the sound of rain can act as ambiance and not a nuisance.

Choose What’s in Season

Let the season inspire you! When choosing flowers, food, and decor, let it reflect the spring. The more you use what’s in season, the more affordable your items will be. Winter wonderlands and pumpkin themes are bound to make your wedding day more experience than if you choose what’s already in season. Embracing spring with all it offers will lead to a wedding day that is beautiful, romantic, and affordable.

Choosing a Scenic Venue in Central Jersey

No matter your wedding theme, Central New Jersey’s gardens and ambiance makes for an ideal wedding venue. Windows on the Water at Frogbridge captures the picturesque beauty of Central Jersey with bright flowers, lush green laws, and serene lakeside views. When hosting the wedding of your dreams, Windows on the Water at Frogbridge can make it a delightful day to remember. Contact us today at (609) 208-9475 to learn more about our amenities and availability.