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Your vows are the part of the wedding ceremony where you get to pour your heart out and make a public declaration of your love in front of family and friends. You get to express your story and your feelings to not only your spouse but all of your attendees. So, why is it so hard to get anything down on paper? 

You may have concerns about being too corny or not letting your sense of humor shine through, but if you’re the “funny one” in your friend group or amongst your family, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice that, even on your wedding day. The team at Windows on the Water has put together a quick guide to ensure that you strike the right balance and keep your vows simultaneously loving and hilarious. 

Don’t Worry About Telling Jokes

Unless you happen to be a stand-up comedian, you don’t have to worry about throwing a bunch of one-liners out there. Your family, friends, and coworkers aren’t here for a comedy show, and neither is your partner. Let your natural sense of humor come through with your storytelling. 

A good way to still be your hilarious self without any weirdly-placed knock-knock jokes would be to reflect on the sweet moments through a humorous lens. Alternatively, you could do the opposite and get really sentimental about the goofy things, like, “I’ll always cherish the way you spilled your drink on your shirt during our first date.” It still rings loving and truthful but with a sardonic twist. 

Keep Inside Jokes to a Minimum 

The joke about chicken bones from that one vacation three years ago may have you and your spouse on the floor shrieking with laughter, but your inside jokes may not translate as well during the ceremony. For one, they can result in a serious case of the giggles, which isn’t fun for you or the attendees. Trying not to laugh through a joke nobody will understand but you and your partner should maybe be reserved for a separate occasion. 

For example, many couples decide to do a separate, smaller vow exchange before or after the ceremony in the form of a letter. This allows you to get out all of the dumb but hilarious inside jokes while still keeping your regular vows funny for all. 

Know Your Audience

The delivery of your wedding vows is unique from other forms of public speaking in that you have handpicked your audience. These are the people that raised you, grew up with you, and have been there through highs and lows. You know what makes them laugh, so use that. 

It may help to treat your vows like you are writing dialogue. Imagine you are in a movie, and your character is giving the ultimately funny, sweet, and all-around perfect speech. This can give you a third-person perspective which may help unlock the perfect jumping-off point. 


Treat the vow-writing process like you would cooking a meal. You need the same balance of salty and sweet in your vows as you would for any dish that you’re preparing. You can’t be just funny, or it may come off like you’re roasting your partner instead of marrying them. Plus, it will just make the funny moments funnier when you are able to fit them in. 

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Whether you go the ultra-serious route or sprinkle in a couple of killer one-liners, your vows will be perfectly yours, which is all that matters. Take any possible stress out of the equation by letting Windows on the Water handle the rest for you. 

You deserve to have the time to break out your laptop and sit on the back porch and have fun writing your vows. While you envision delivering your promises and declarations on our 86-acre private resort, our team of dedicated professionals can help figure out the nitty-gritty details to make your perfect day come true. For a free consultation about our services and lakefront venue, please call us today at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form.