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The guest book at a wedding is just one of the many ways to fondly remember your perfect day for years to come. A simple flip through the signatures of the family members and friends who attended can instantly take you back to the heart-stopping magic of your wedding day. However, a typical guest book can be clunky and oftentimes resembles a scrapbook from your grandmother’s childhood. Why is something so important still so old-fashioned?

You want to remember the people you dined with that day and that you laughed with, and we are here to tell you that you and your fiancé have options other than the typical guest book. The romanticism of your wedding day doesn’t have to die between the dusty pages of an old-fashioned guest book. As you plan your wedding and work hard on making every single aspect uniquely perfect, Windows on the Water has gathered four fun alternatives that are sure to both save you time and more closely match your theme and interests.

Voicemail Audio Book

Imagine closing your eyes and tuning into a personal voice message from a loved one or old friend or colleague you haven’t connected with in years. You can hear music and chatter in the background, and suddenly, you have been transported back to your wedding day.

Voicemail audio books can take many physical forms, and you can choose one that perfectly fits your theme. Guests can pick up “the call” at their own leisure throughout the day, and after all is said and done, you can settle in and give the messages a listen, whenever you want and however many times you want.

Polaroid Memories

A picture is worth a thousand signatures…or something like that.

Having your guests take and then sign polaroids is an interactive and far more attractive way to keep tallies on attendance. You can leave a camera at the front of the venue or even have one at each table so that your guests may take and then sign the printed out photos at their own leisure! Afterwards, you can put them together in a scrapbook and have something a little more visually appealing to look back on.

Coffee Table Book

Do you still like the feeling of a physical book between your hands, but want something you can actually return to and enjoy looking at? Consider a coffee table book! Larger and far more aesthetically pleasing than a generic guest book, guests can sign the pages of your coffee table book of choice, which can then be prominently displayed in your family room.

You no longer have to worry about it sitting on a shelf in the den catching dust. Your coffee table guest book will live out its time alongside your family for years to come.

Recipe Cards

This one involves a little pre-planning, but your inner foodie knows it is worth it!

Printing out personal recipe cards for guests to fill in will warm both your heart and your stomach! Make sure to remind guests to have their aunt’s famous banana bread recipe on hand before they come. You and your spouse will have plenty of time after the reception to work your way through your guests and their go-to dinners and desserts.

Plan Your Perfectly Unique Wedding Today With Windows on the Water

No matter what shape or size of guest book you decide to go with, it is just one piece of the puzzle. The journey to a wedding ceremony that is perfectly yours can be long and stressful, and Windows on the Water can help relieve some of that anxiety today.

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