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Weddings always have been and always will be all about the details. From the flowers to the dresses, every little decision has the potential to make a big impression on your guests. Still, there’s no greater opportunity to create a wedding your guests will remember forever than by choosing stellar entertainment for the evening. 

When planning your wedding entertainment, the most exciting thing about it is there’s no limit to what you can do. Whether you go for an interactive experience or something edible is up to you. If you want to be the talk of the town for years to come (or at least the rest of this wedding season) check out these 13 ideas for unique wedding entertainment your guests will never forget. With a list like this, you’re sure to find something to fit your fancy.

Food Trucks

There’s no better way to win your guests’ hearts than with great food. With food trucks, you can provide a few options for evening fare without making things too complicated. Popular choices for food trucks at weddings include taco trucks, hot dog carts, and ice cream trucks. There are also coffee and cocktail trucks that would really add to the excitement if thrown into the mix as well.


For an entertainment option that will keep both adults and children captivated all night, there’s one surefire choice – a magician! You can hire magicians to walk around and perform card tricks for your guests, or go all out and book an entire act. Either way, your guests won’t be forgetting your wedding anytime soon.  


Hiring a caricaturist for your wedding is a 2-for-1 deal. Not only do they provide the entertainment factor with their alluring talent, but they also provide every guest with a gift to take home and hang on their wall. This serves as a reminder of how absolutely fabulous your wedding was.

Photo Booths

Renting a photo booth for your big day might seem like a generic entertainment option. However, with a few props that fit your theme and a unique backdrop, you quickly have a one-of-a-kind experience. And the bonus is that all your guests get pictures with their loved ones to hang on their fridge.

Carnival Games

Step right up, boys and girls: carnival games are a hot idea for wedding entertainment that will have the entire family talking for days. From ski ball to popping balloons and the Bozo game, there’s an opportunity for everyone to participate and take home a prize.


If you’re going to have a bar at your wedding, you might as well take it one step further and hire a mixologist to create a fun and interactive experience for getting tipsy. A mixologist will be able to create a custom drink just for your wedding, entertain your guests with their cocktail pouring skills, and even provide a little bit of liquor-based knowledge for your curious friends.


Puppies, ponies, or tiny pigs: the options to include animals in your wedding are endless. Whether you choose to bring a whole zoo or just your favorite furry friend, your guests are sure to go gaga over your choice to bring a few pets to the party.

Casino Tables

For the couple that loves to take chances, the best option for wedding entertainment is undoubtedly a set of casino tables, a few dice and a deck of cards. Staff the tables with professionals and let your guests play for real cash or choose a few close friends and run the tables with quirky prizes. If the dice are rollin’ and the drinks are flowin’, your wedding is sure to be a good time. 

Fortune Tellers

Nobody likes to admit they’re superstitious, but everyone loves a little luck. Hire a fortune teller for your wedding and give your guests the gift of a glimpse into their future. After a few favorable readings, your friends are certain to remember your big day.

Yard Games

If you’d opt for a relaxed evening under the stars over a fancy soiree any day, then yard games are what you need for your wedding entertainment. Set up a cornhole tournament, get out the croquet, or get out the badminton and everyone will be having a great time.

Video Guestbook

For an entertainment option that’s just as memorable for you as it is for your guests, go for a video guestbook. Each guest (or group), can record a short message for you and your spouse. Watch the fun on video later on, and you’re sure to have a few good laughs and maybe even a few heartfelt tears as well.

Dessert Stations

End the night on a delicious note and give your guests the gift of getting to choose their own tasty treats for the ride home. Serve up hand-scooped ice cream, sweet hand pies, cookies, and milk, or all of the above and your wedding will go down as one of the sweetest in history.

Now that you have all the best ideas for unique wedding entertainment, it’s time to make a choice and start planning. Remember, there’s no limit to what you can do. As long as whatever you choose is uniquely you, your wedding will be a day to remember.

Weddings are a terrific event for hosting special events and activities, and there are a lot of creative ways to make sure your guests are having plenty of fun. Use these unique ideas to ensure that your guests leave your wedding believing it was the most memorable one they’ve ever been to.

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