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Choosing an appropriate bridal shower gift is exciting and fun, especially when a friend or family member’s wedding day is approaching. Finding the perfect gift for a bride can bring up many questions, such as which kinds of gifts should be brought to a bridal shower. Typically, a bridal shower is an event to celebrate and party with a bride before her upcoming wedding day. Brides usually prepare for their traditional weddings by preparing a gift registry. However, bridal parties are smaller and dedicated to a bride and her closest friends and family. During a bridal party, you get to focus on the bride and celebrate her before the big day. 

The Best Gifts to Bring to a Bridal Shower 

Bridal showers are fun events where the bride’s closest friends and family can partake in activities that celebrate the bride before her wedding day. Gift-giving is an expected activity that many partake in during bridal showers. It may be easy for invitees who know a bride well to determine the right gift to bring. For others, it may be tricky to try and find a perfect gift. Below, you’ll discover some unique and appropriate gifting options for a bride before her wedding day. 

Special Jewelry Pieces

Picking out a unique necklace, bracelet, or other jewelry piece made and customized specifically for the bride is a great gift. If your sister, mother, or close friend is the bride, this is a great choice as a jewelry gift is a permanent reminder of the special celebration and how much they mean to you. 

A Custom Gift Basket 

Gift baskets are beautiful and full of unique gifts that the bride can use at different times. If you are having a difficult time choosing one gift, or wanting to organize a few small gifts into a basket, this is a great choice for a gift. Candles, bath bombs, gourmet food items, essential oils, travel mugs, and other small gifts will help the bride enjoy herself in the days she prepares for her wedding day. 

Personalized Clothing Items 

Like jewelry, another kind of gift that may also turn into a keepsake would be personalized clothing items. A shirt, slippers, or robe are great ideas to customize with the bride’s name. She may make the most use of these items while getting ready to walk down the aisle or keep them aside to use regularly. Since these gifts are customized, they may work best when you have enough time to request and customize them in time for the bridal shower. 

Other Personalized Gifts for Her 

In addition to customizable clothing items, the bride may also enjoy a customized tumbler bottle, blanket, tote, wine glasses, photo album, or other unique pieces. These gifts may last longer than other items and benefit the bride throughout many different seasons. While personalized gifts may take time and planning, your thoughtful gift will be worth waiting for and preparing. This may also prevent the possibility of duplicate gifting. 

A Gift for the Couple 

Many invitees also choose to get a gift for the couple, including the bride. Any items such as a customized cutting board, wall decor, matching bathrobes, or any other unique gifts will add to the new chapter of their lives together. This idea also broadens the gift choices, as many things can be helpful and memorable for a couple when they are preparing to combine their belongings. 

Minimalistic Essentials for a New Home

A bride awaiting her wedding day is usually also planning to prepare for a new home with their significant other. Many of the gifts will be geared specifically for the bride during a bridal shower, so choosing small items geared towards a couple’s new home is a unique idea. A customized doormat, aprons, table centerpieces, and wall decor are unique pieces that can spruce up their new home and add to their union. Ultimately, a bride is celebrating this new journey in her life, and the thought you put into a gift will make her feel special. 

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