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For most brides, a wedding dress is going to be the most expensive fashion purchase they ever make. If the general price tag of your wedding gown seems steep, here’s an interesting tidbit to consider: budgets for dresses exploded at the Paris Haute Couture Week, when an Egyptian brand, Hany El Behairy, closed the show with a $15 million wedding dress covered in diamonds and gems. Now, doesn’t your own price tag sound much more reasonable?

Price, of course, is only one factor in choosing a wedding dress. One reason they’re more expensive than your average article of clothing is that they’re often made with truly intricate materials so they can be jaw-droppingly beautiful. What bride doesn’t want to dazzle on her wedding day? There’s a general appreciation that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If the price of a wedding gown doesn’t seem likely to experience any significant drops in the near future, that’s because the choice of dress gets more interesting every year. Sure, white is traditional, but “same old-same old” isn’t. Let’s take a look at how 2020 is turning out to be a year for wedding gown innovation.

What’s New When it Comes to Wedding Gowns?

Many women spend years dreaming about what their wedding dress is going to look like. When wedding planning rears its head, the dress is often the top priority. This is the one moment when they’ll walk down the aisle, so it needs to be spectacular. Many soon-to-be brides expect their dress to be one of their more pricey items, yet they still indulge.

A wedding dress invites more creativity and artistry than your average gown. That artwork can be customized to fit the pattern of the dress, because what the designers are creating doesn’t get designed once — it needs to be recreated to work for every size they offer, with many of the fine details being repeatedly adjusted. 

That also means the designers are going out of their way to outdo each other, so they approach new designs with a theme in mind. Classy? Whimsical? Romantic? Here are some of the most interesting selections for 2020.

Top Trends in Wedding Gowns

If you don’t have a wishlist ready yet, it’s time to draft one. Wedding dresses are constantly evolving and this year is no exception. It already looks like there are some new styles headed to a bridal salon near you. What’s hot right now? Here are a few up and coming trends to consider:

Puffy Sleeves

Making a roaring comeback from the 1980s, puffy sleeves are back in a major way. Wedding dress trends often look to the past to get inspiration, and today, wedding gowns with puffy sleeves no longer seem antiquated. Big sleeves are officially back, it seems, with puffed shoulders leading the style.

Ball Gowns

Consider it the Royal Wedding fever, but classic ball gowns have convinced more than a few brides that they can truly make a grand entrance by opting for one. Any bride looking to turn a few heads is discovering that there’s nothing more charismatic than a ball gown wedding dress. Wearing a ball gown, the bride truly can dance all night, and they can be unbelievably flattering on just about everyone. 

Floral Print Dresses

Floral prints were featured in several 2020 wedding dress collections, offering something unique to those who want a break from classical white gowns to something with a lot more color. Floral prints also cry out spring and summer if that’s when you’re getting married, and they lend themselves to bold designs, since there are a lot of flower-filled patterns to choose from. 


Another way to add glamour is through some sparkle. A glitzy wedding gown is particularly appropriate around the holidays, but glittery dresses can work anytime. Sequins have become a popular choice, and it’s also something you can wear again to a New Year’s Eve party or black-tie event in the future.

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