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Some people might not see the difference between a wedding and other planned parties; however, comparing something like a Sweet Sixteen with your wedding day is not an equal comparison. Weddings are intricately-planned affairs that require the dedication of multiple parties — from florists to musicians, caterers and bakers, and artists who specialize in making foam roses and decorative accents, it takes considerable talent and planning to organize a wedding. 

Usually, the entire family is involved in making the dream come true. If you’re wondering why a wedding is so much pricier than a milestone birthday party or baby shower, your curiosity ends here.

Weddings are Not “One Size Fits All”

What makes a wedding the most special day of a couple’s life is the customization and small details that personifies their style. While large parties, galas, and events often include custom details, expectations rise when wedding bells ring. One of the most significant challenges is tailoring the wedding, so it becomes an intimate, never-to-be-forgotten event. To set the stage for an entrancing environment, wedding planners may include detailed customizations like:

  • Monogrammed throw pillows
  • Coasters with the couple’s photo
  • Custom wrapping paper with the couple’s initials
  • Menu dishes to match the bride or groom’s favorite 

The details of a wedding can tell the couple’s story and create an emotional tie to the experience that makes this day the most special in the newlywed couple’s life. 

Custom Ideas Require More Time

Custom details that bring a couple’s style to life require time and creativity. Wedding planners spend hours of quality time getting to know a couple’s interests and ideas so that their vision of what makes their perfect wedding comes to life. Hours of preparation and coordinating go into flower arrangements, hair and makeup, décor, and more. You can expect that a portion of your wedding budget will be attributed to creating bespoke concepts that exceed your average event. 

Weddings Include Wedding Parties

A significant difference between a party and a wedding is the coordination involved to transition from ceremony to reception.  After your vows are said in an intimate setting, the mood and vibe change as the wedding shifts to a lively celebration! The most skilled wedding planners and venue staff are experts in staying behind the scenes, putting out fires, and managing late vendors to ensure that the mood is set. While standard party planners might involve the hosts to handle unexpected circumstances, your wedding planner manages all the details. That way, you and your guests remain in a state of bliss to fully enjoy this momentous and happy occasion.  

Why are Wedding Items Priced Higher than for Other Events?

It’s not just a so-called “wedding tax.” Trustworthy vendors price their labor and time appropriately, and weddings can take considerably more time and planning than a birthday party or smaller get-together. However, if you’re unsure of whether a vendor is offering competitive pricing, shop around. Be wary of vendors who price services too low or too high to avoid getting shoddy service or overpaying for basics. 

Plan Your Outdoor Wedding in Central Jersey 

Windows on the Water is an established event venue with 86 acres of storybook forestry in Central Jersey. Look no further than our venue in Millstone Township to create the wedding of your dreams. Whether you are looking for a whimsical outdoor wedding, or want a more luxurious and intimate tent setting for your family and friends, we can help with your planning and ensure our location is the ideal backdrop for your wedding.

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