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At your outdoor spring wedding, the cake is something you and your guests will always remember, so it is important to make this choice a good one!

For a spring wedding, the most popular cake variations include lots of flowers, pastel colors, and light shades of frosting. Wedding cakes are often three tiers and act as a stunning decoration during the reception. Some people even go with a styrofoam variation of their cake that simply acts as decoration while a real cake gets cut behind the scenes.

No matter what way you slice it, there are countless options to choose from and you will be sure to find the perfect cake for your outdoor spring wedding.

How to Add Personal Touches to Your Spring Outdoor Wedding Cake

To ensure your cake looks like a spring outdoor wedding cake, you can include flowers and pastel colors. To make your cake unique, add some personal touches. As an example, the flowers on the cake don’t have to just be any flowers. Your cake decorator can create a frosting flower that has sentimental value and that you will always cherish the memory of.

  • Flowers for those who can’t be there: You can ask your cake decorator to create a frosting flower that looks just like the flowers your grandmother carried on her wedding day, or someone else that is special to you. This allows a piece of them to be there with you, even if they may not be.
  • Flowers that represent you and your groom: Have your cake decorator create frosting flowers that represent the months you and your groom were born. Then, if they keep those flowers in the pastel/spring colors, it will still look like a spring outdoor wedding cake, just with a subtle personal touch!

However, flowers aren’t the only option for cake decor. You can use alternatives that will still add sentimental value to your cake. Your personal touch could also be less subtle and bolder, while still matching your spring outdoor wedding cake.

  • Try a topper: Your cake decorator should have an array of options for cake toppers, from handmade to manufactured. For your cake, you could include a sparkly or colorful topper with your new last name, the date, or you and your groom’s names. By going with a topper, you aren’t interfering with the cakes’ design.

Should You Add Fruit to Your Spring Outdoor Wedding Cake?

If you love the look of fruit on your wedding cake, go for it! Fruit that is seasonally appropriate will add a decadent look to your cake that your guests will awe over. Also, fruit pairs well visually with flowers, so you won’t have to choose one or the other.

Some seasonal fruits for spring include berries, figs, lemons, apricots, cherries, and more! With those choices, you can’t go wrong choosing the fruit that matches your flowers best. However, because the fruits are naturally a little darker, it will add some contrast if you choose to go with pastel flowers and light icing!

Let Windows on the Water Help with Your Spring Outdoor Wedding Cake

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