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When you begin the journey of planning your wedding, you might quickly realize that finding the perfect venue, a venue that celebrates your LGBTQ+ relationship and future marriage, is vital to the success of your big day. While most venues state that they are inclusive, there are resources that you can use to find the perfect match for you and that offer more support to embrace your big day without any negative obstacles.

Whatever the size of your wedding, researching to find the right LGBTQ+ wedding venue is important for saving you time, money, and frustration later in the planning process. Keep reading for four simple tips to finding the perfect venue for your LGBTQ+ wedding.

1.   Ask For Recommendations from LGBTQ+ Couples

One of the best ways to determine the venues you should consider for your wedding is to ask people who have had an LGBTQ+ wedding or those who have experienced attending. Their experiences are a good indicator of whether they would be a good match for you. They would also have a good insight into other aspects of your wedding that you may not have considered. Questions you may want to ask are:

  • Is the venue LGBTQ+ owned?
  • How were their experiences compared to non-LGBTQ+ couples?
  • Are there any aspects of their wedding that they would want to change looking back?

While these questions likely won’t give you a definitive answer on whether or not you should host your wedding there, it will give you some extra information for comparing venues.

2.   Use LGBTQ+ Online Wedding Directories or Blogs

Wedding websites are easy to find because they are an important step for couples to list their personal wedding information for wedding guests, registry information, and other fun things like wedding pictures. This information is easy to find with a quick search and can help you decide what venues and other aspects of the event you like. Most of the time, an email address for the venue used is provided, making it easier for you to contact the venue of your choice.

Another option is to use an LGBTQ+ directory that gives you the resources directly to contact the venue that is perfect for you. This is an option if you want all of the information in one place, including vendor recommendations. Here are a few examples of directories you might choose:

Do your research on a directory before you browse it, however. Some of them mainly offer sponsored listings, which hurts the credibility of their information and comments.

3.   Read LGBTQ+ Wedding Planning Books and Magazines

An excellent overview of the best venues and locations for your wedding can be found in a few LGBTQ+ wedding planning books and magazines. These publications offer extensive wedding expertise and beyond. Below are some great options to consider to read to prepare for your big day and to offer perspectives on married life:

  • Getting Groomed by Jason Mitchell
  • The Lesbian Couple’s Guide to Wedding Planning by Bernadette Coveney Smith
  • The Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings by Tess Ayers and Paul Brown
  • Dancing with Her Magazine
  • Men’s Vows Magazine
  • Gay Weddings & Marriage Magazine

They’re also great to help get you excited about your big day.

4.    Hire a Wedding Planner

Lastly, if you find that locating your perfect wedding venue is overwhelming and you’re not coming up with ideas, you may want to consult a wedding planner. Using the directories above can help connect you with wedding planners specializing in LGBTQ+ weddings that can take care of every detail with expertise. Consulting a wedding planner can open up many options that you may not have thought of and can help you enjoy the process of planning a little more.

Choose Windows On The Water as Your Wedding Venue

As an award-winning New Jersey wedding venue, Windows On The Water would be the perfect location to host your upcoming LGBTQ+ wedding. Our venue proudly offers options for open-air and tented ceremonies on our 86-acre property. Additionally, our highly experienced wedding planners and staff are eager to create the wedding of your dreams by offering customizable packages and guiding you through every step of the process.

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