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In 2020, how do we begin to define the “modern” bride? Is it more about a classical look — or contemporary? Is traditional in, or is it all about a desire to be innovative?

There’s a lot that goes into making a wedding ceremony truly memorable — the venue where it’s held, the dinner served to the guests, the decorations that symbolize who you are and what your values are, even the theme you choose for your ceremony can hold meaning. But one of the most important elements will always remain something simple: the bride’s wedding dress. 

Every year, it seems like some couples set out to avoid what became expected in previous years and create new trends. That dress can help impact all aspects of your ceremony’s look as well, from the décor at your venue to the food being served — but most importantly, it’s those bride’s dresses that may quickly become the top trendsetters in the coming months.

What Do Today’s Brides Want in their Wedding Dresses?

As each new season begins, designers start rolling out new wedding dresses intended to excite women planning their upcoming wedding and searching for just the right look. If your concept of a wedding dress is a fairly formal white gown, the options this year are actually much more unique than that. Every bride, it seems, has her own concept of what a truly romantic look is.

There are already some noteworthy trends in this area, although it’s probably far too early in the year to say if there’s a favorite among them yet. But it is clear there are some trends gaining speed, with designers gearing toward styles with some noteworthy attributes, including dresses that are:

  • Bold
  • Romantic
  • Refined
  • Natural
  • Elegant
  • Sophisticated

It’s probably safe to say that brides know what they want — and designers are responding. And it’s also safe to say that one other clear trend is comfort: bridges want a dress that’s beautiful but at the same time allows them to move and to be out on the dance floor all night.

So let’s take a look at some of the trends that are emerging.

The Royal Look

Last year’s royal weddings were popular with the public — and influential as well. Today we’re seeing a trend toward the “Duchess Effect” in wedding dresses, and royal wedding fans are considering the classic ball gown as a grand way to make an entrance at their wedding.

Wedding Pants

Pants are increasingly becoming comfortable alternatives to the traditional wedding dress. Pants can be flattering to the figure and help you look totally unique at the same time. Dressy jumpsuits and pantsuits are coming in a variety of styles — the glitter print jacket, the three-piece pantsuit with high-low jacket, and the wrap-front tuxedo jumpsuit among them. 

Short Dresses

Who said wedding gowns always have to reach down to the floor? One trend that’s increasingly popular when it comes to comfort is short dresses. They help reveal the gorgeous shoes you have on, and beautiful legs, while at the same time showing off your modern style. It’s increasingly common to see brides skipping those longer gowns for something short and sweet instead.

Color Dresses

Colors are proving one thing: it isn’t necessary to wear white to look like a gorgeous bride. The colorful wedding dress is offering more than just alternatives to white (like off-white, cream, and eggshell) and getting bolder, from a soft grey to more striking colors like blue, emerald green, red and bright pink. While there’s no doubt that white is going to remain a classic and popular look at weddings for decades to come, new trends are showing there’s a lot of other colors to choose from as well.

Blush Wedding Dresses

Blush wedding dresses have become one of the most popular options recently, and the color blush offers an appealingly light and airy look that’s still unique, and it’s a style that can perfectly complement the overall theme of your ceremony. A soft blush wedding dress can also be paired with gold, silver, black or ivory tones for a look that’s just a bit daring, but still very romantic.

How Are Wedding Dresses Changing with the Times?

It’s probably safe to say that as we start 2020, brides know what they want, and many of them want to stand out, to look distinctive and special on their wedding day.  Who can blame them?

The industry is trying to keep pace, and there are likely to be other trends that may emerge more strongly in the coming months, including lace options, floral print dresses, and puffy sleeves. Whatever dress you love the most, there’s a style and look for you out there.

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