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If you’re planning a 2021 wedding or rescheduling a wedding to 2021, you probably already dived into all the details: the date, the venue, the cake. But with ever-evolving trends and missed opportunities during a pandemic, a wedding plan from 2020 might be outdated.

From desserts to weekday weddings, keep reading to find out some of the trends that’ll be part of weddings in 2021.

Alternative Celebrations

With the coronavirus pandemic, couples are forced to reduce their guest lists significantly. But a micro-wedding isn’t your only option. Couples are planning multiple receptions or setting time blocks on when their guests can be at the reception. Once one block ends, more guests can arrive. Just make sure the venue is disinfected before your new guests come.

Some couples are even live-streaming their wedding. This allows everyone to stay home but still take part in their special day. Everyone staying safe and healthy is a bonus, too. On the opposite hand, other couples are still having a small, intimate ceremony with just the wedding party but are having a drive-by reception.

Weekday Weddings

With so many couples rescheduling weddings to 2021, demand is high. Another couple may have already booked the venue for your preferred day. Plus, having a wedding on a weekday can save you a lot of money you can use on a honeymoon or put into savings. The pricing for most venues is significantly less on a Monday versus a Saturday.

Brunch Weddings

Grab a mimosa, because brunch weddings are going to be everywhere next year. With more weddings being held outdoors, couples can take advantage of a sunrise wedding followed by a brunch reception. It also gives them more flexibility with the menu, offering a mix of breakfast and lunch foods, compared to the more traditional, sit-down style dinner meals.

Outdoor and Tent Weddings

With most states having a ban on indoor gatherings, more and more couples turn to outdoor and tent weddings. Having a wedding outside is safer for you, your guests, and vendors, and it allows more people to attend. The open airflow and scent of fresh nature are added perks.

Single-Tier Cakes

Dessert tables are looking more diverse at weddings nowadays. From donuts to cupcakes and cookies to churros, gone are the days of a 10-tier wedding cake. We predict that couples will reduce wedding cakes to a single tier. A well-designed smaller cake can still have the same “wow” factor a large cake has, but it frees up your budget for more sweet options.

Couples can also get an entire tray’s worth of single-tier cakes, known as mini cakes in the baking world. Mini cakes can fill in the gaps on any dessert table and make your guests feel special by eating their own cake.

Re-Imagined Floor Plans

With social distancing now embedded in our culture, couples have to be more creative with their floor plans. Rather than large tables filled with as many guests as possible, opt to put just a guest and their plus one at a smaller table. Seating families together is acceptable. Just make sure everyone at the table lives together. You don’t want to infect all your guests or yourself accidentally.

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