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The summer months excite people of all ages with the hopes of festive gatherings in gorgeous outdoor weather. However, before you start planning your next outdoor ceremony, it’s important to take a few things into consideration. While outdoor events during the summer months are a huge draw for guests, the increase in temperatures can also present a few risks, not the least of which is having some overheated guests, or possibly even triggering health problems

To ensure that your guests stay happy, healthy, and safe, we’ve put together a list of five ways that you can keep your attendees cool during your summer wedding ceremony. 

Don’t Forget the Ice

Ice doesn’t have to be boring cubes that are simply made of pure water; instead, you can make them extra enjoyable using some creative methods. Consider freezing tea or coffee to add to drinks so they don’t become watered down in the heat. You can also freeze fruit into ice cubes to flavor up water. 

Keep Everyone Hydrated

When it comes to fun drinks, water usually isn’t at the top of the list; however, water is the optimal way to keep people well-hydrated and feeling their best. Make sure you have plenty of water bottles on hand and keep them chilled so they’re enjoyable and they encourage guests to keep drinking them. Likewise, while you promote water, try to limit the amount of alcohol and soft drinks that are available since these tend to do more to dehydrate your guests. 

Provide Shade

No one wants to bake in the sun – which is exactly what will happen if you don’t go the extra mile to ensure plenty of cool shading is available. Be sure to take advantage of tents and umbrellas to maximize shade while blocking the sun and keeping the area under cover. If tents aren’t an option, look for covered porches or tree-lined areas where guests can relax. 

Limit Physical Exertion

Yes, games like corn hole can be fun, but they can also wear out your guests in hot and sticky weather. During the hottest days, try to focus on activities that can be enjoyed from the attendees’ seats, while they’re still in the shade.

Consider Evening Events

While you may want to have your event during the day, seriously consider postponing it until evening. Not only should your guests be more likely to be off work, but the temperatures will also be lower and more enjoyable.

Summer is the best time for events and activities; however, the heat can quickly turn a fun party into a disaster. Use the five tips listed here to ensure that your guests are kept comfortable and able to enjoy their time at your event.

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