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You don’t have to plan a nontraditional wedding to serve up unique, unexpected cuisine. Food stations, in particular, have taken off in wedding catering the past few years, but wedding food sometimes still receives a bad reputation. However, gone are the days of dry meat and flavorless vegetables.

Instead, consider the food you would enjoy in any setting. After all, it is your special day. From hors d’oeuvres to dessert, there’s no rule book on what you can and cannot serve at your wedding. Read on for 12 unique food options to serve at your wedding.

Mini Grilled Cheese

Everyone loves finger sandwiches, and there’s something nostalgic about eating a gooey grilled cheese sandwich. Pair these classic sandwiches with a steaming cup of tomato soup and your guests will feel like they went back in time to their school days. Or, consider a classed-up variation, like grilled goat cheese and strawberry sandwiches.

Omelet Bar

Omelets aren’t reserved for brunch anymore. Having a custom omelet bar will surely delight and surprise everyone. Plus, guests will be able to add in their favorite toppings. It’s unexpected and delicious!

Pie Station

Pies like pumpkin, apple, and pecan are perfect for fall and winter weddings, and they offer a unique twist not often seen on the traditional cake table. You can serve slices from a larger pie or offer mini pies or pie pops for guests to eat on the dance floor.

Pizza Bars

When thinking of wedding food, pizza might not come to mind, but it’s quickly becoming a staple at weddings all over. Classics like cheese, margherita, and pepperoni will please guests of all ages, or even allow them to create their own dish. You can also ask your caterer about a unique pizza just for you and your spouse.

Chocolate-Covered Bacon

There are so many things you can serve at your wedding, but chocolate-covered bacon is definitely the most delicious and surprising. If you’re bacon-obsessed, this item is a must on your catering list.

“Cheese” Cake

If you’re more salty than sweet, consider a cheesy cake alternative. Replace the traditional fondant-covered tiered cake with some classic cheeses like gouda, blue cheese, or pecorino. Pair this cake with crackers and meat, and you’ll have one of the most unique wedding cakes out there.

Chicken and Fries

No matter who you invite to your reception, chicken and fries will be the hit of the night, and you’ll especially delight the picky eaters you invited. Serve them in a cone with ketchup or honey mustard at the bottom.

Pretzel and Beer Bar

Pretzels and beer go hand in hand just like you and your soon-to-be spouse, and this unique option will please all your guests. With an assortment of beers and plenty of pretzels, this station may be so popular your guests might not have room for dinner.

Bubble Tea

Drinks aren’t limited to cocktails and soda at receptions anymore. Bubble tea is the perfect drink for you and your guests before dinner is served. Plus, it’ll help cool everyone off during the warm summer months.

Lobster Rolls

You don’t have to live in New England for this delicious appetizer. Lobster rolls are an unexpected hors d’oeuvre on their own and will excite your guests for what’s to come next.

Cake Pops

Cake is always a hit among adults and kids at receptions, but cake pops will make an even bigger impression—ironically. Made up of crumbled cake, frosting, and candy melts, cake pops are delicious. Plus, they’re small enough to fit on any dessert table.


Weddings are long days for you and your guests. Whether it’s between hors d’oeuvres and the first course or just a snack on the way out, guests will be on the hunt for snacks all day. Assorted popcorn is the perfect solution!

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